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Browse Physicist Profiles

The profiles listed below are Physicists that have taken a variety of career paths and educational paths. Click on any (or all) of the degree categories to view the list of physicists who have obtained that physics degree level. You can further sort the list by name, job title or highest physics degree (by clicking on the headers) if you would like to find individuals that have taken paths you are interested in learning more about. If you would like to find physicists in specific states or working in specific companies, you can also search the database.


  Name Job Title Highest Physics Degree
  Ellen Ochoa Astronaut Office Deputy Director Bachelor
  Allison Porter Biophysics Technician Bachelor
  Matthew H. Briggs Pilot Bachelor
  Laura Smoliar Program Manager Bachelor
  Adam Daire Core Technology Scientist Bachelor
  Salvador Tiscareno Electro-Optic Engineer Bachelor
  Paul Davis Telecommunications Products Applications Engineer Bachelor
  Eric Lee Etch Manufacturing Tools Project Leader Bachelor
  Sergio Valdes Reactor Coolant System Engineer Bachelor
  Mark Tritch Project Engineer, Aerospace Communications Division Bachelor
  Michelle Gross Program Management Bachelor
  Randolph Wojciek Physicist, Detector Development Group Bachelor
  Keith Ofsowitz System Safety Engineer Bachelor
  Carlane Pittman Director of MBA Programs Bachelor
  Paul Martenis Science Teacher, Physic and Astronomy Bachelor
  Steve Calderone Programmer Analyst Bachelor
  Howard Wallace Radiation Protection Administrator, Safety and Health Department Bachelor
  Deborah Moore Independent consultant Bachelor
  Urszula Tajchman Pediatric cardiologist Bachelor
  Gloria Putnam Applications Engineer for Image Sensor Solutions Bachelor
  David Hardwick Vice President and General manager Bachelor
  Jeremy Chang Managing Director and Coordinator Bachelor
  David Sullivan Engineer Bachelor
  Mark Alpert Magizine Editor Bachelor
  Robert R. Richardson Patent Attorney Bachelor
  Amanda Joy McDonald Actuary Bachelor
  Michael Volpe U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer Bachelor
  Mary Lee McJimsey High School Physics Teacher Bachelor
  Sharon Lappin Intermediate Highway Designer Bachelor
  Kate McAlpine Freelance Writer Bachelor
  Robert Cook Member of the USM Sports and High Performance Materials PhD program Bachelor
  Michelle Rubin Program Manager, Electronic Sensors and Systems Division Bachelor
  Alison Binkowski Health Policy Analyst Bachelor
  Larry Shaltis Network Administrator, Grass Lake School District Bachelor
  Ron Toland Junior Programmer Bachelor


  Name Job Title Highest Physics Degree
  Paul Markhoff-Johnson Sr. Product Integration Manager Master
  Jennifer Groppe Physics Teacher Master
  Kimberly Wiefling Independent Consultant Master
  Michelle O'Brien Physicist, Ionizing Radiation Division Master
  Clara Asmail Management Master
  Harold Chadsey Astronomer, Time Service Department, Master
  Stephen Karis Research Physicist, Phillips Laboratory Master
  Timothy Day CEO, CTO and Chairman of the board of directors Master
  Judy Fennelly General Research Engineer Master
  James Krieger Electrical Engineer Master
  Sam Wurzel Company Founder Master
  Rhett Creighton Company Founder Master


  Name Job Title Highest Physics Degree
  Catherine Mader Professor of Physics, Chair of Physics Department Doctorate
  Steve Giddings Physics Professor Doctorate
  Becky Thompson-Flagg Public Outreach Specialist Doctorate
  Richard Superfine Physics Professor Doctorate
  Carlos Gutierrez Professor Doctorate
  Alice White Physicist and Team Manager Doctorate
  Lene Hau Physics Professor Doctorate
  Steve Gass Inventor and Patent Attorney Doctorate
  Jim Valles Professor Doctorate
  Luz Martinez-Miranda Professor Doctorate
  Anne Catlla Postdoctoral Associate Doctorate
  Albert-Laszlo Barabasi Physics Professor Doctorate
  Albin Gonzalez Chief Medical Physicist Doctorate
  Juli Morgan Geophysicist Doctorate
  Margaret Murnane Professor Doctorate
  Charles Falco Professor Doctorate
  Andrew Post-Zwicker Director of Science Education Doctorate
  Fred Begay Research Physicist Doctorate
  Marshall Burns President and Co-Founder Doctorate
  Alfred DeAngelis Research Physicist Doctorate
  Martin Luling Research Scientist, Oilfield Services Division Doctorate
  Roger Hoyt Program Director, Almaden Research Center Doctorate
  Kimberly Titus Research Assistant Professor Doctorate
  Anthony M. Johnson Director and Professor Doctorate
  Madhulika Guhathakurta NASA astrophysicist and Professor Doctorate
  William Gornall Consultant Doctorate
  Linda Lingg Thin Film Doctorate
  Donal Denvir Technical director Doctorate
  Justin Brooke Physicist Doctorate
  Sergui Ulloa Professor Doctorate
  Vincent Rodgers Professor Doctorate
  Brett E. Bouma Associate Professor of Dermatology and Health Sciences & Technology Doctorate
  Jorge Pullin Professor Doctorate
  Hakeem Oluseyi Professor Doctorate
  Manuela Campanelli Director and Professor Doctorate
  Alicia Soderberg Research Associate Doctorate
  Lawrence Krauss Foundation Professor Doctorate
  Vassiliki (Vicky) Kalogera Associate Professor Doctorate
  Olusegun A. Adeyemi Assistant Profesor Doctorate
  Gordon Thomas Professor of Physics and Biomedical Engineering Doctorate
  Terence Hwa Professor Doctorate
  Gay Stewart Physics Professor Doctorate
  Kenny Jensen Control Systems Engineer for Wind Energy Startup Doctorate
  Marta Dark McNeese Physics Professor Doctorate
  David Stephenson Professor of Planetary Science Doctorate
  Al Osborne Oceanographic Researcher studying Rogue Waves Doctorate
  Sandra Brown Patent Attorney Doctorate
  Keivan Stassun Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy Doctorate
  Gabriela Gonzalez Professor Doctorate