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Juli Morgan - Geophysicist

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Rice University

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Job skills:
Synthesizing information
Lab or instrumentation skills
Knowledge of physics principles
Data analysis

Juli Morgan's Job:
Morgan is one of the few people who still can claim to be explorers. But instead of exploring for new continents and planets, Morgan explores the ocean floor. She has been on several research cruises on ships specifically built for research. "What is most exciting about going on a cruise is being able to explore a part of the world that's never been seen before, " she said. On these cruises, her and her colleagues shoot pressurized air into the water to create sound waves. These sound waves bounce off the ocean floor and return to the ship. Her team analyzes this data to determine the contours of the ocean bottom.

Career Facts

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Current Location:
Houston, TX

Physics Degree:

Educational Information

A.B. from Vassar College
Ph.D. from Cornell University

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Juli Morgan's other interests:
While in Hawaii, Morgan picked up a talent for the ukulele, and also learned how to paddle the traditional Hawaiian out-rigger canoes. She does not paddle much in Houston anymore, but she still plays the ukulele.

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Juli Morgan


Julie Morgan was born to physicist parents in the Hudson Valley in New York State, but never expected to enter the field herself. After high school, Morgan decided to take some time off to decide what it was that she wanted to study, so she took up a job driving a van, and taking community college courses on the side. She took an earth science course, fell in love with the field, and pursued it throughout college and graduate school.

Her first research position was with the University of Hawaii, studying landslides. "Living in Hawaii was an excellent experience, " she said. "There is so much to do and learn in the islands."