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Robert R. Richardson - Patent Attorney

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Job Info

Black Lowe & Graham

Job skills:
Synthesizing information
Knowledge of physics principles

Robert R. Richardson's Job:
Patent attorneys obtain and enforce intellectual property rights on behalf of individual inventors or organisations,  and typically work either in private firms or in large manufacturing organisations.

As a patent attorney,  Robert assess whether inventions are new and innovative and therefore eligible to be patented,  and then carries through applications to secure patents for his clients.  A strong background in the sciences is therefore valuable in helping Robert thoroughly evaluate the scientific merit of products on behalf of his clients.

My Previous Jobs:
Robert got his BS in Physics from the US Naval Academy.  He then served in the Naval Nuclear Power Program as a nuclear-trained submarine officer.

Career Facts

Employer Type:

Current Location:
Seattle, WA

Physics Degree:

Educational Information

BS Physics,  US Naval Academy


After getting his BS in Physics from the US Naval Academy,  Robert went on to the Naval Nuclear Power Program and served as a nuclear-trained submarine officer before becoming a patent attorney.

Robert's background in Physics makes it easier to understand inventions in areas like semiconductors and ultrasound.  But also,  he says,  "An education in Physics helps me to explain to my children such critical concepts as conservation of angular momentum while spinning around on a kitchen stool or predicting the trajectory of a model rocket."