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Alicia Soderberg - Research Associate

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Princeton University

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Complex problem solving
Synthesizing information
Mathematical skills
Lab or instrumentation skills
Knowledge of physics principles
Data analysis

Alicia Soderberg's Job:
She studies the use of multi-wavelength observation to constrain the properties of the local and large-scale environments around exploding and/or erupting stars.  These observations can shed light on the progenitors of supernovae.

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Princeton, NJ

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Educational Information

BS  - Physics and Math,  Bates College  
M.Sc. - Applied Mathematics,  University of Cambridge
PhD - Astrophysics,  California Institute of Technology

More about Alicia Soderberg

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Alicia Soderberg


Alicia is currently is in the beginning of her five year fellowship as a Hubble postdoc and Carnegie-Princeton fellow at Princeton University.  

She recently had the good fortune to be the first to observe the supernova (SN 2008D).  The supernova occurred a few weeks after another supernova from the same galaxy. To see two supernova's from the same galaxy within a matter of weeks is very unusual- 1:10, 000 chance.  Typically a galaxy will produce one supernova every 100 years.