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Manuela Campanelli - Director and Professor

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Rochester Institute of Technology - RIT

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Complex problem solving
Synthesizing information
Mathematical skills
Lab or instrumentation skills
Knowledge of physics principles
Data analysis

Manuela Campanelli's Job:
Campanelli is a member of the Rochester Institute of Technology's Mathematics Faculty,  and is the Director of the Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation.

My Previous Jobs:
Campanelli has taught at the University of Texas at Brownsville and has worked within the outreach departments of various scientific organizations.

Campanelli's research has been focused on black holes and what happens when they collide.

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Current Location:
Rochester, NY

Physics Degree:

Educational Information

Undergraduate Degree in Applied Math from University of the Perugia,  Italy
Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Bern

More about Manuela Campanelli

Manuela Campanelli's other interests:
Campanelli is interested in learning new languages,  and can speak English,  French,  Spanish,  Italian,  and some German.

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Manuela Campanelli


Manuela Campanelli has lead a very international lifestyle. She was born in Switzerland,  attended school in Italy,  worked in the United States and Germany,  and married an Argentinean.

Campanelli was twelve when she saw Carl Sagan's television series "Cosmos" and became fascinated with physics. At fourteen,  her family moved to Italy. At the secondary school she attended,  she was one of two women studying in the science department. She later continued her studies at the University of Perugia which was near her family. The university lacked an astrophysics department,  so she studied applied mathematics instead. She did keep up an interest in astrophysics,  and was encouraged to apply to the University of Bern to study the subject. It was there that she met her future-husband,  Carlos Lousto. The two moved to Utah,  and then back to Germany.