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Hakeem Oluseyi - Professor

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Floria Institue of Technology

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Complex problem solving
Synthesizing information
Mathematical skills
Lab or instrumentation skills
Knowledge of physics principles
Data analysis

Hakeem Oluseyi's Job:
Oluseyi is a professor at both the Florida Institute of Technology and at Alabama A&M University. In addition to teaching, he is involved with the SuperNova/Acceleration Prove Mission (SNAP Mission) project, which seeks to make a space-borne telescope for studying supernovae and dark matter.

My Previous Jobs:
Prior to his involvement with astrophysics, Hakeem worked for Applied Materials, Inc. in Silicon Valley working with transistors.

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Melborne, FL

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Educational Information

B.S. Physics and Math from Tougaloo College
M.S. in Physics from Stanford University
Ph.D. in Physics  from Stanford University

More about Hakeem Oluseyi

Hakeem Oluseyi's other interests:
Oluseyi is active in outreach, and is a member of Cosmos Education. Through that organization, he has been across sub-Saharan Africa, teaching students basic science principals as well as HIV awareness and sustainable development.

On the side, Oluseyi is a voice actor, and has been in commercials for a number of companies, such as Charles Schwab and the MixMan music mixer.

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Hakeem Oluseyi


Hakeem Oluseyi was born in Mississippi and grew up in different ghettos around the south. Hakeem says that he was always interested in sciences, but was first really exposed to them at 11 when he came across some of Einstein's work. Growing up, the culture expected one to fight in order to establish one's worth. This did not interest Hakeem, so he opted for reading inside instead. He was excited about reading Einstein's work "It just knocked my socks off!" he says. "I was like,  what?!? Mass increases? Length contracts? Oh,  my god!... I did everything I could to get my head around this stuff."

This passion for physics followed him through to high school where he won a prize in a science competition for a program he wrote. The judges encouraged him to become a physicist, but he was hesitant. After he graduated, he spent some time in the military and then attended Tougaloo College in Mississippi, where he was one of two physics majors.

After graduating, Oluseyi was introduced to the research world through a summer program at the University of Georgia, where he experienced a sort of culture shock when compared to the world he grew up in. He did not expect the amount of freedom and trust he was given.

He started attending graduate school at Stanford, which proved to be a challenge for him, requiring him to take extra undergraduate classes to keep up, but Oluseyi had an encouraging adviser, and he left Stanford with a Ph.D.