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Sergui Ulloa - Professor

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Ohio University

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Complex problem solving
Synthesizing information
Lab or instrumentation skills
Knowledge of physics principles
Modeling or simulation
Data analysis

Sergui Ulloa's Job:
Ulloa is a physics professor at Ohio University in Athens,  Ohio. Some of his work has involved the use of 'quantum dots'. Quantum dots are man-made objects that were designed to study how electrons function. These dots have many of the qualities that electrons do,  but are larger,  and thus easier to study. Quantum dots,  much like electrons,  have a spin. Ulloa and his team is working on figuring out how,  if it is possible,  to change the direction of this spin. If successful,  that knowledge could be used to create quantum computers in the future.

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Athens, OH

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Educational Information

B.Sc in Physics from the National University of Mexico
Ph.D. in Physics - Condensed Matter Theory from the State University of New York at Buffalo

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Sergui Ulloa's other interests:
Throughout his career,  Sergio Ulloa has been exposed to many different cultures. He has enjoyed learning about the new cultures he has encountered. "When we travel we try to make things fit into a perspective of the world that we have,  but many times you find that is not the real thing,  and you have to adjust your thinking, " he says,  "That discovery is quite interesting."

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Sergui Ulloa


Sergio Ulloa was born in Mexico City. He had a good education and a passionate middle school teacher who exposed the world of science and physics. Although having a discouraging experience in high school,  Ulloa went on to the National University of Mexico,  and majored in physics. After graduating,  he moved to Buffalo,  New York where he earned his doctorate.