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Judy Fennelly - General Research Engineer

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Job Info

Air Force Research Lab - United States Air Force

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Job skills:
Complex problem solving
Synthesizing information
Mathematical skills
Lab or instrumentation skills
Knowledge of physics principles
Modeling or simulation
Data analysis
Team work

Judy Fennelly's Job:
As a General Research Engineer,  Judy is responsible for the development and acquisition of five space weather sensors to be flown on the DSX Mission in 2010.

Career Facts

Employer Type:
Government Agency/Laboratory

Physics Degree:

Educational Information

BS and MS - Physics,  University of Alabama
MS and PhD - Atmospheric Science,  University of Alabama

More about Judy Fennelly

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Judy Fennelly


Judy is a science and engineering professional with over 20 years experience in both research and operational space-based remote sensing systems. Currently as part of the leadership of SPIE,  she serves as the chairperson of the Awards Committee.