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Jeremy Chang - Managing Director and Coordinator

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Edmund Optics China

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He is the managing director of Edmund Optics China and the coordinator of Edmund Optics Team Asia Manufacturing.

My Previous Jobs:
He was the Director of SPIE (Hong Kong) Chapter,  Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Photographic and Optics Manufacturing Association (HKPOMA),  Founding Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Optical Engineering Society (HKOES).

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He earned his BSc in Physics from the Imperial College London in 1983.  His M.Sc in Applied Optics from the Imperial College London in 1984 and his  PhD in Photonics from the Imperial College London in 1987.

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Jeremy  Chang


He led several Imaging and Optics organizations in new product development,  optical design,  manufacturing and operations before joining Edmund Optics Inc. as Managing Director of the China Division in 2005.