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Deborah Moore - Independent consultant

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The World Commission on Dams

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Knowledge of physics principles
Team work

Deborah Moore's Job:
Deborah is currently an independent consultant working to protect human rights and the environment.

My Previous Jobs:
For thirteen years, she was a senior scientist with Environmental Defense, a US-based public interest group,  where she worked since 1986.  Deborah's job consisted of translating complex scientific issues into an understandable format to influence decision makers so they could find solutions to water scarcity and pollution worldwide.

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Government Agency/Laboratory

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Educational Information

BS - Physics,  Reed College
MS - Energy and Resources,  University of California at Berkeley

More about Deborah Moore

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Deborah Moore


Deborah currently works as an independent consultant appointed one of the twelve Commissioners working for the World Commission on Dams established by the World Bank and World Conservation Union/IUCN to investigate the environmental, social, and economic impacts of large dams worldwide and to recommend guidelines for the future.

Deborah says that the best things about her job are "traveling worldwide, and helping people by improving the environment".