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In this section, find specialized resources for students in Middle School, High School, and College Level sections.

In our Middle School section, you can:

  • Get advice on coursework which will help prepare you to pursue careers in Physics fields.
  • Find suggested readings to find out more about the lives of famous Physicists.
  • Discover resources to help you to explore Physics, at home and in the classroom.

In our High School section, you can:

  • Get advice on coursework and activities which will help prepare you to pursue careers in Physics fields.
  • Learn about fun ways to explore science while connecting with other students.
  • Find information about Federal Student Aid and Physics programs, scholarships, and clubs.

In our College section, you can:

  • Get advice on how to tailor your undergraduate Physics program to prepare you for specific fields.
  • Find information about how to build skills and make connections through student organizations and job shadowing.
  • Discover resources for helping you decide on a graduate school, or finding and landing that perfect job if you are interested in entering the workforce upon graduation.
Marta Dark McNeese

Marta Dark McNeese - Physics Professor

Marta Dark McNeese was born in a suburb outside of Washington, D.C.  She remembers being interested in math and the sciences as early as fifth grade. "I liked the idea that there was a process to learn and problems to solve in math and science, and I remember thinking of other topics--like history--as dates and things to memorize, " she said.  Marta's interest in physics and astronomy deepened as she went through middle school to high school--which was a special school she had applied to because it had a science and math program.  While there, she took a number of difference science classes, but found that she didn't like biology or chemistry.  "Physics was the one for me, " she said.

When she was in eighth grade physical sciences class, Marta found that she could especially identify with her instructor, who was an African-American woman.  Since then, Marta has endeavored to be a mentor to other young women similar with similar experiences through her work at Spelman college.  Spelman is "a wonderful environment for me, and I really wanted to be there so I could encourage young black women to go into the sciences, " Marta says.  And to those few students who maybe don't get the appeal of physics right off the bat,  Marta says, "You're really trying to understand how the universe works.  What could be more exciting than that?"