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The physicist employers listed below are listed by verified providers. Use the column headers to sort the entire list.

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  Name State Employment Sector
  3M MN Industrial
  3M Company MN Corporate
  ABMB Engineers, Inc. LA Industrial
  ABQMR, Inc. NM Corporate
  AG Edwards & Sons, Inc. KS Corporate
  AGL Resources GA Industrial
  AGR, LLC CA Corporate
  ALPOGO Air Conditioning CA Corporate
  AREVA Federal Services SC Corporate
  AREVA T&D Inc. WA Corporate
  ARRO Consulting, Inc. PA Corporate
  ASIAA HI Corporate
  ASM Lithography CT Corporate
  AT&T CA Industrial
  ATI MD Corporate
  ATK (Alliant Techsystems) AL Industrial
  ATK (Alliant Techsystems) CA Industrial
  Abelson-Taylor IL Medical
  Accelerated Technology IL Corporate
  Accenture IL Corporate
  Accenture MN Corporate
  Access Pharmaceutical Services PA Medical
  AccuWeather KS Corporate
  Actel CA Industrial
  Active Life Technologies CA Corporate
  Aculight Corporation WA Medical
  Adaptive Aerospace, LLC CA Industrial
  Adecco OR Corporate
  AdvR Inc. MT Industrial
  Advanced Composites Inc. TN Corporate
  Advanced Data Exchange TX Corporate
  Advanced Instructional Systems NC Academia
  Advanced Research Systems, Inc PA Corporate
  Aegis Technologies Group WA Corporate
  Aernnova Engineering US Inc MI Corporate
  Aero Jet CA Industrial
  Aerosim Technologies MN Corporate
  Aerosim Technologies Inc. MN Corporate
  Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. WA Industrial
  AerospaceComputing, Inc. CA Corporate
  Aerotek CA Corporate
  Aerotek OH Corporate
  Aerotek Scientific- contracted for Wako USA VA Corporate
  Affordable Computer Services GA Corporate
  Air Force Research Laboratory OH Public
  Aisin Electronics Illinois, LLC IL Corporate
  Akela, Inc. CA Corporate
  Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc OH Corporate
  Albany IVF Fertility & Gynecology NY Medical
  Albemarle Corp LA Medical
  Alcoa PA Industrial
  Alcon Labs FL Medical
  Alfalight, Inc. WI Industrial
  Alion Science and Technology DC Corporate
  Alkermes MA Medical
  All Around Technology MD Corporate
  Alliance Bernstein NY Corporate
  Alliance Technical Services OH Corporate
  Alta Analytical Perspectives NC Industrial
  Altair Advisers IL Corporate WA Corporate
  Ambalux Corp AZ Corporate
  AmeriCorps DC Public
  American 3B Scientific GA Corporate
  American Automobile Association (AAA) PR Corporate
  American Museum of Natural History NY Non-profit
  American Physical Society MD Non-profit
  American Tower MA Corporate
  Ameristar Casinos Inc. CO Corporate
  Ametek Precitech NH Corporate
  Amgen Inc. CA Medical
  Amphenol Corporation NY Industrial
  Ana Lab Corp. TX Industrial
  Analytical Resources, Inc. WA Corporate
  Analytical Services, Inc. AL Corporate
  Anaren Microwave NY Corporate
  Ansoft Corporation PA Corporate
  Anvil Logic VA Corporate
  Apache Point Observatory NM Academia
  Apex Learning WA Academia
  Apple Computers CA Corporate
  Apple Inc. WA Corporate
  Applied Operations Research, Inc. CA Academia
  Applied Physics Technology OR Industrial
  Applied Plasmonics FL Corporate
  Applied Signal Technology, Inc. CA Industrial
  Areias Systems, Inc. CA Corporate
  Areté Associates CA Corporate
  Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) IL Public
  Argosy Publishing MA Corporate
  Arlon-M.E.D. CA Industrial
  Armstrong Group of Companies PA Corporate
  Arraya Solutions, Inc. PA Corporate
  Asbestos TEM Labs CA Corporate
  Associated Pension Consultants NY Corporate
  Association of State & Territorial Health Official VA Non-profit
  Assurant Solutions GA Corporate
  Astrix Technology Group GA Industrial
  Astrocamp CA Academia
  Atmel CO Industrial
  Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc. MA Academia
  Audio Video Integration TN Corporate
  August Research Systems, Inc PA Academia
  Avanade, Inc. CO Corporate
  Avant Energy Services MN Corporate
  Avid Engineering FL Corporate
  Axian, Inc. OR Corporate
  Axion Power Battery Manufacturing PA Corporate
  B.E. Meyers WA Industrial
  BAE Systems CA Corporate
  BAE Systems NH Corporate
  BAE Systems VA Industrial
  BBN Technologies MA Corporate
  BD Medical - Diabetes Care NE Medical
  BD Operations, LLC MI Corporate
  BE & K Biopharm PR Corporate
  BIMWorld LLC GA Corporate
  BJ Services TX Corporate
  BL Companies Inc. CT Corporate
  BNP Paribas NY Corporate
  BRTRC VA Corporate
  BSK Associates CA Industrial
  Baldor Dodge Reliance GA Corporate
  Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. CO Industrial
  Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. OH Industrial
  Bank of America CA Corporate
  Bank of America NC Corporate
  Banner Engineering Corp. MN Corporate
  Barfield Inc. FL Corporate
  Battelle Memorial Institute OH Corporate
  Bearing Point Inc FL Corporate
  Bechtel Bettis Inc. SC Corporate
  Bechtel Corporation ID Corporate
  Bechtel Corporation PA Corporate
  Bechtel Corporation - Savannah River Site SC Public
  Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation PA Corporate
  Bechtel National Inc. WA Corporate
  Bell Helicopter Textron TX Industrial, Inc. SC Corporate
  Bentley CA Industrial
  Best Buy Corporation ID Corporate
  Best Buy Corporation VA Corporate
  Big Water Media MI Corporate
  BigFix, Inc. CA Corporate
  BioSAFE Engineering, LLC IN Corporate
  Biochar Engineering Corp. CO Corporate
  Bioprocess Technology Consultants RI Corporate
  Bird Engineering KS Corporate
  Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd UT Corporate
  BlackRock NY Corporate
  Blue Origin WA Industrial
  BlueHost, Inc. UT Corporate
  BluePrint Automation, Inc. VA Corporate
  Boeing CA Industrial
  Boeing CO Industrial
  Boeing FL Industrial
  Boeing MO Industrial
  Boeing TX Industrial
  Boeing WA Industrial
  Bombardier Transportation PA Industrial
  Booz Allen Hamilton WA Corporate
  Booz Allen Hamilton MI Corporate
  Booz Allen Hamilton OH Corporate
  Booz-Allen & Hamilton DC Corporate
  Booz-Allen & Hamilton VA Corporate
  Boston Scientific MN Industrial
  Boswell Engineering NJ Industrial
  Bredero Shaw OR Industrial
  Bridgekey Corporation NY Corporate
  Bright Power NY Industrial
  Bristol Myers Squibb NY Corporate
  Britax NC Corporate
  Broadcast Interactive Media WI Corporate
  Brooke Army Medical Center TX Medical
  Brookhaven National Laboratory NY Public
  Buchart-Horn, Inc. TN Industrial
  Buehler Planetarium FL Non-profit
  Burns & McDonnell Engineering TX Industrial
  Business Researchers, Inc CA Corporate
  C-Trade AZ Corporate
  C.A. Litzler Co., Inc. OH Industrial
  C2 Educators MD Academia
  CDI Corporation IL Corporate
  CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) VA Public
  CNA Corporation VA Corporate
  CNA Corporation VA Corporate
  CONTAX Inc IL Corporate
  CSA Group PA Corporate
  CSC Consulting NJ Corporate
  CSN Stores LLC MA Corporate
  Cabot Corporation WV Corporate
  California Analytical Instruments CA Industrial
  Capella Photonics CA Industrial
  Caplan Engineering Co. PA Industrial
  Cardinal Health SD Medical
  Cargill IL Corporate
  Cargill TX Corporate
  Carl E Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories NC Academia
  Carnegie Mellon University, Affiliated Research Institute PA Non-profit
  Caterpillar Inc. IL Industrial
  Caterpillar, Inc. IL Industrial
  Celadon Systems, Inc MN Corporate
  Center For Astrophysics and Space Astronomy CO Academia
  Center Partners CO Corporate
  Center for Nanoscale Science & Engineering ND Academia
  Center for Toxicology & Environmental Health AR Medical
  Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health AR Industrial
  Centurion Wireless NE Corporate
  Ceramatec Inc. UT Industrial
  Cerner Corporation MO Corporate
  CertainTeed, Saint-Gobain PA Corporate
  Cessna Aircraft KS Industrial
  Chantest, Inc. OH Medical
  Chickasaw Nation OK Public
  Children's Hospital MA Medical
  Church and Dwight NJ Corporate
  City of Marysville WA Public
  City of New York NY Public
  Clubessential, LLC OH Corporate
  CoServ Electric TX Public
  Codon Devices MA Corporate
  Cogitic Corporation CO Corporate
  College Board NY Corporate
  College Loan Corporation CA Corporate
  Collevea Inc CA Corporate
  Collier Turley Martin Tucker MO Corporate
  ColorLink CO Industrial
  Colorado Division of Wildlife CO Public
  Colorado Quality Research Co CO Academia
  Colorado Research Associates/NorthWest Research Associates, Inc CO Academia
  Columbia Hydronics WA Corporate
  Columbia University/RFMH NY Medical
  Complex Systems Research Center NH Academia
  Computer Generated Solutions (CGS) GA Corporate
  Computer Sciences Corporation DC Corporate
  Conservation Fund VA Non-profit
  Constellation Energy Group NY Industrial
  Contact Wireless NM Corporate
  Continental NY Public
  Continental DataGraphics CA Corporate
  Convergys Customer Management GA Corporate
  Cooper Industries TX Industrial
  Copient Technologies IN Corporate
  Copps Industries WI Industrial
  Corning Inc NY Corporate
  Corning, Inc. NY Industrial
  Corps of Engineers MS Public
  Craftsman Brewing Company CA Public
  Creative Thermal Solutions IL Academia
  Crossfield Technology TX Industrial
  Cummins Power Generation MN Industrial
  Cypress Semiconductor WA Industrial
  D & R International, Inc. MD Corporate
  DHI Computing Services UT Corporate
  DNV Global Energy Concepts Inc MA Industrial
  DOB Systems, LLC TX Corporate
  DRS Technologies FL Corporate
  DRS Technologies, Inc. TX Industrial
  DSM Design Group, LLC AL Corporate
  DSM Pharmaceuticals NC Medical
  Dana-Farber Cancer Institute MA Medical
  Danaher Motion MA Industrial
  Data Doctors AZ Corporate
  Datapoint Labs NY Industrial
  Debye Research Corporation OH Corporate
  Decision One OK Corporate
  Defender Security IL Corporate
  Delcross Technologies, LLC IL Corporate
  Dell Computers ID Industrial
  Dell Computers TX Industrial
  Deloitte Consulting CA Corporate
  Deloitte Consulting DC Corporate
  Deloitte Consulting LLP IL Corporate
  Delphi Steering MI Industrial
  Delta Engineering, Inc. MD Corporate
  Deluxe Digital Cinema CA Corporate
  Demiurge Studios MA Corporate
  Departamento del Trabajo y Recursos Humanos PR Public
  Department of Army NJ Public
  Department of Defense (DoD) AL Public
  Department of Defense (DoD) CA Public
  Department of Defense (DoD) MD Public
  Department of Defense (DoD) NJ Public
  Department of Defense (DoD) UT Public
  Department of Defense (DoD) VA Public
  Deposition Sciences Inc. CA Corporate
  Deposition Sciences, Inc. CA Industrial
  Development InfoStructure VA Corporate
  Devon Energy OK Corporate
  Diagnostic Ultrasound WA Medical
  Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. TX Corporate MA Industrial
  Directed Technologies, Inc. VA Corporate
  Dresser-Rand NY Industrial
  DuPont DE Industrial
  DuPont TX Industrial
  DuPont MI Industrial
  Duck Creek Technologies MO Corporate
  Duke Energy NC Public
  Duke University, Affiliated Research Institute SC Academia
  Dynamics Technology, Inc. MI Corporate
  Dynetics, Inc. AL Industrial
  E Source CO Industrial
  E&M Electric CA Corporate
  E2 Manage Tech, Inc CA Corporate
  EBMpapst CT Industrial
  ECCO III Enterprise NY Corporate
  EKOS Corporation WA Medical
  EMMES Corporation MD Corporate
  EOSpace, Inc. WA Industrial
  EPV Solar Inc NJ Corporate
  EXB Solutions, Inc. MN Corporate
  EZ-Go, Textron GA Industrial
  Easiest Math UT Academia
  East Penn Manufacturing PA Corporate
  East Penn Mfg. PA Industrial
  Eaton Care OH Corporate
  Eaton Corporation MI Corporate
  EchoStar CO Corporate
  Edinboro Industries Inc. PA Corporate
  Electro-Optical Industries Inc. CA Corporate
  Electroglas, Inc. CA Industrial
  Electronic Arts CA Corporate
  Electronic Data Systems TX Corporate
  Electronic Evidence Discovery, Inc. WA Corporate
  Eloret, Inc. CA Corporate
  Embedded-Systems Design, Inc. MD Corporate
  Emco Chemical IL Corporate
  Endeca MA Corporate
  Energetics Incorporated MD Corporate
  Energetiq Technology MA Corporate
  Energy and Environment Research Center ND Academia
  Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc CA Corporate
  Enspiria Solutions Inc. CO Corporate
  Ensystex, Inc. NC Industrial
  Entergy Services Inc. MS Corporate
  Envirogroup Limited CO Corporate
  Environ Laboratories LLC MN Academia
  Environchem, Inc. AL Industrial
  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) MI Public
  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) OK Public
  Environmental Technical Services OR Public
  Envoy Medical Corporation MN Medical
  Epic Systems WI Medical
  Epic Systems Corporation WI Medical
  Ernst & Young, LLP DC Corporate
  Essilor Laboratories of America AZ Medical
  Esterline Armtec Corp. CA Industrial
  Excell Data Corporation WA Corporate
  Exelon Corporation IL Industrial
  Exelon Corporation IL Industrial
  Exeter Group MA Corporate
  Ezenia! Inc. NH Corporate
  FACET Innovations WA Academia
  FIA Lab Instruments WA Industrial
  FLIR MT Industrial
  FRABA Group NJ Corporate
  Factset Research Systems, Inc CT Corporate
  Factset Research Systems, Inc NJ Corporate
  Fairchild Semiconductor ME Industrial
  Fairfield Industries CO Industrial
  Fairfield Industries TX Corporate
  Fast Enterprises, LLC CO Corporate
  Federal Reserve Board DC Public
  Federal Trade Commission DC Public
  Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) IL Public
  Field and Technical Services LLC PA Industrial
  Fire Cause Analysis CA Corporate
  First Solar OH Corporate
  Fiserv FSC Insurance CA Industrial
  Fletcher Allen Health Care VT Medical
  Florida Power & Light FL Public
  Florida Power and Light FL Public
  Flowroute, LLC CA Industrial
  Forrester Research MA Academia
  Foster-Miller, Inc. MA Industrial
  Francis A. Lee Company NY Industrial
  Freese and Nichols, Inc. TX Corporate
  Friedman Billings Ramsey VA Corporate
  Friedman Williams Group NY Industrial
  Fuji Machine America Corporation IL Corporate
  Fulcrum IT Services Company VA Corporate
  Fundamental Technologies KS Corporate
  Futron Corporation MD Corporate
  G&W Electric Co. IL Industrial
  GD-AIS MA Corporate
  GE (General Electric Co) UT Public
  GE Aircraft Engines OH Industrial
  GE Energy NY Industrial
  GEA Process Engineering Inc WI Corporate
  GK Packaging Inc. OH Corporate
  GL Financial NY Corporate
  GLOBAL Strategies Group (North America) MD Industrial
  Galatea Associates, LLC MA Corporate
  Gaming Laboratories Int. NJ Corporate
  Garvey Corp NJ Industrial
  General Atomics CA Corporate
  General Aviation Modifications, Inc. OK Industrial
  General Dynamics CA Industrial
  General Dynamics FL Industrial
  General Dynamics MI Industrial
  General Dynamics TX Industrial
  General Dynamics AIS MA Corporate
  General Electric NY Industrial
  General Electric (GE) SC Industrial
  General Microsystems, Inc. (GMI) WA Industrial
  General Sciences, Inc. PA Industrial
  Genworth Financial MA Public
  Geo-Solutions VA Industrial
  GeoEye MO Industrial
  George Mashour MI Academia
  Gipe Associates, Inc. MD Corporate
  GlasCraft, Inc. IN Corporate
  GlaxoSmithKline NJ Medical
  Glenmede Trust PA Corporate
  Global Energy Concepts LLC MA Corporate
  Globe Iron Construction Company (GICCO) VA Industrial
  Golden West Technologies SD Corporate
  Goldman Sachs NY Corporate
  Google CA Corporate
  Gotama Building Engineers CA Industrial
  Graco MN Industrial
  GreenVolts CA Corporate
  Greenbush KS Academia
  Greenfuel Technologies Corporation MA Industrial
  Greening of Detroit MI Public
  Greenlight Planet Incorporated IL Industrial
  Guidant Corporation MN Medical
  Guitar Resurrection Inc. TX Industrial
  Guru, Inc. MD Corporate
  H&R Block FL Corporate
  HEB Grocery Corporation TX Corporate
  HG WEber WI Industrial
  HIH Lab TX Industrial
  HORIBA, Ltd NJ Corporate
  HR Textron CA Industrial
  Halliburton LA Corporate
  Halliburton TX Corporate
  Halliburton Energy WY Industrial
  Hamilton Sundstrand CA Industrial
  Hamilton Sundstrand CT Industrial
  Harley-Davidson Motor Company WI Industrial
  Harrah's Entertainment NV Public
  Harris Miller Miller and Hanson Inc MA Industrial
  Harvard College Observatory MA Academia
  Harvard University, Affiliated Research Institute MA Academia
  Harvard- Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory MA Public
  Hattenburg Dilley & Linnell AK Corporate
  Havok CA Corporate
  Heidelberg Instruments Inc. CA Corporate
  Hella North America MI Industrial
  Henry L. Stimson Center DC Non-profit
  Hewlett-Packard (HP) OR Corporate
  Hewlett-Packard Company CO Corporate
  Hobbytron UT Corporate
  Holladay Engineering ID Industrial
  Holy Cross of San Antonio TX Academia
  Homeworks for Students, Inc MN Academia
  Honeywell AZ Industrial
  Honeywell MD Industrial
  Honeywell TX Industrial
  Hoppmann Audio Visual VA Corporate
  Horizon Milling NY Industrial
  Horizon Research Inc. NC Corporate
  Horizon Wind Energy NY Industrial
  Hospira IL Medical
  Hudson Global Resources PA Industrial
  Humanized, Inc. IL Corporate
  Hutchinson Technology MN Industrial
  Hy-Level Industries OH Industrial
  Hydroacoustic Technologies, Inc. WA Corporate
  Hynix Semiconductor OR Industrial
  Hysitron MN Industrial
  IBC Engineering NY Corporate
  IBM NY Corporate
  IBM TX Corporate
  IBM VA Corporate
  ICF Consulting LA Corporate
  ICx Radiation TN Industrial
  IDEXX Computer Systems WI Medical
  II-VI, Inc. PA Industrial
  IPRO Tech, Inc. AZ Corporate
  IQE Inc PA Corporate DC Industrial
  Idealab CA Industrial
  If Americans Knew OR Academia
  Illumina, Inc CA Corporate
  Image & Chemical Analysis Laboratory MT Academia
  Image Media Solutions FL Corporate
  Imaje IL Industrial
  Impact Consulting Engineers CO Industrial
  Impulse Devices CA Corporate
  Indiana University Cyclotron Facility IN Academia
  Indiana University Health Proton Therapy Center IN Medical
  Infilco Degremont VA Industrial
  Infineon Technologies NC Industrial
  Infobahn Outfitters IL Corporate
  Information Systems Professionals (Ispro) CA Corporate
  Infosys IL Corporate
  Infosys Technologies Limited AZ Industrial
  Innovations in Optics MA Industrial
  Innovative Dynamics, Inc. NY Corporate
  Innovox Audio MN Corporate
  InsideTrack Learning CA Academia
  Institute for Astronomy HI Academia
  Institute of Computational & Engineering Sciences TX Academia
  Integrated DNA Technologies IL Medical
  Integrated Technologies WA Corporate
  Intel CA Industrial
  Intel OR Industrial
  Intel Corporation OR Corporate
  Intelligent Automated Machines, Inc MN Corporate
  Isciences, LLC MI Corporate
  J.D. Lincoln, Inc. CA Corporate
  JP Research, Inc. WA Corporate
  JPS Elastomerics MA Industrial
  Jacobs Sverdrup MI Industrial
  James Hardie Incorporated IL Industrial
  Javaground CA Corporate
  Jefferson Lab (JLAB) VA Academia
  Jet Propulsion Laboratory CA Academia
  Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) CA Public
  John Deere IA Corporate
  John Deere LA Corporate
  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (JHU APL) MD Non-profit
  Johnson & Johnson NJ Corporate
  Johnston McLamb VA Corporate
  K-tec UT Industrial
  KAPL (Bechtel Marine Propulsion Lab) NY Corporate
  KBR, Inc TX Corporate
  KEMA CA Corporate
  KEMA, Inc. MA Corporate
  KOA Speer Electronics, Inc. PA Corporate
  Kakivik Asset Management AK Corporate
  Kaplan FL Academia
  Kaplan WA Academia
  Kaplan Test Prep NJ Academia
  Kaplan Test Prep SC Academia
  Kapteyn-Murnane Labs Inc CO Corporate
  Keating Muething and Klekamp OH Corporate
  Kelly Services FL Corporate
  Kelly Services MD Corporate
  Kelly Temporary Services OH Corporate
  Kensey Nash PA Medical
  Kent Displays Inc. OH Industrial
  Kern County Fire Department CA Public
  Kiff Analytical LLC CA Corporate
  Kiff Analytical, LLC CA Corporate
  Kionix, Inc. NY Corporate
  Kleiss Gears, Inc WI Corporate
  Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory NY Public
  Kofax CA Corporate
  Kopala Corporation IL Industrial
  Kos Pharmaceuticals NJ Medical
  L-3 Communications TX Industrial
  L-3 Communications UT Industrial
  LDI Mechanical, Inc. CA Industrial
  LEAP Technologies NC Corporate
  LEK consulting MA Corporate
  LIGO WA Academia
  LIGO Hanford WA Academia
  Lab Support PA Academia
  Lafarge North America Inc PA Corporate
  Lake Region Medical MN Medical
  Lambda Research Inc. OH Corporate
  Landau Associates WA Corporate
  Landis + Gyr IN Corporate
  Language Computer Corporation TX Corporate
  Laserfiche CA Corporate
  Lathrop Engineering CA Industrial
  Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBL) CA Public
  Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. MD Corporate
  Leco Corporation MI Corporate
  Lehman Brothers NY Corporate
  Leonard Kroko, Inc. CA Corporate
  Letterkenny Army Depot PA Public
  LightLab Imaging MA Corporate
  Litel Instruments CA Industrial
  Lockheed Martin CA Industrial
  Lockheed Martin CO Industrial
  Lockheed Martin DC Industrial
  Lockheed Martin GA Industrial
  Lockheed Martin NY Industrial
  Lockheed Martin PA Industrial
  Lockheed Martin VA Industrial
  Lockheed Martin MA Corporate
  Lockheed Martin NJ Corporate
  Lockheed Martin OH Corporate
  Lockheed Martin IL Corporate
  Lockheed Martin Aeronautics TX Corporate
  Logitech WA Industrial
  Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) CA Public
  Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) NM Public
  Lumenis UT Industrial
  Lynntech, Inc TX Corporate
  M&H Enterprises, Inc. TX Corporate
  M&S Engineering TX Corporate
  M.D. Anderson Cancer Center TX Medical
  MAQ Software WA Corporate
  MIMflow Technologies OH Industrial
  MIT Lincoln Laboratory MA Public
  MITRE Corporation MA Non-profit
  MITRE Corporation VA Non-profit
  MME Consulting CA Medical
  MPC Products IL Industrial
  MSA, PC VA Corporate
  Macris, Hendricks, & Glascock, P.A. MD Corporate
  Mad City Labs, Inc. WI Corporate
  Magdalena Ridge Observatory NM Public
  Magellen GPS CA Industrial
  Majestic Turbo TX Corporate
  Manpower Inc. NM Corporate
  Manpower Inc. PR Corporate
  Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging MA Medical
  Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital NE Medical
  Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary MA Medical
  Massachusetts General MA Medical
  Mathnasium TX Academia
  Maxim Systems, Inc. CA Corporate
  McDonald Observatory TX Academia
  McVehil-Monnett CO Corporate
  MeadWestvaco SC Industrial
  Medical Research Products CA Medical
  Meditech MA Corporate
  Mediwave Star Technology, Inc. NC Corporate
  Medremote, Inc. IL Corporate
  Medtronic MN Medical
  Mental Research Institute CA Medical
  Mercer NY Corporate
  Merck Pharmaceuticals PA Medical
  Metals & Materials Engineers GA Industrial
  Metro Land Surveying & Engineering MN Corporate
  Metron, Inc. VA Corporate
  Michaud Cooley Erickson MN Corporate
  Micron Technology ID Industrial
  Microsoft WA Corporate
  MidAmerica Regional Council MO Non-profit
  Midwest Optoelectronics OH Industrial
  Milliman WA Corporate
  Minco Products, Inc. MN Industrial
  Mindspring, Inc. NJ Corporate
  Mitegen, LLC NY Corporate
  Modine WI Industrial
  Montana Instruments Corp MT Corporate
  Monterey Bay Building and Design, Inc. CA Corporate
  Morehead Planetarium & Science Center NC Non-profit
  Moxtek UT Industrial
  Multiprobe Inc. CA Corporate
  Museum of Science MA Non-profit
  Museum of the Rockies MT Non-profit
  Myramid Analytical TX Corporate
  NAES Corp. WA Corporate
  NASA DC Public
  NASA MS Public
  NASA - United Space Alliance TX Academia
  NASA Glenn Research Center OH Public
  NASA Goddard (GSFC) MD Public
  NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Lab CA Academia
  NCEE Labs NE Industrial
  NERA Economic Consulting NY Corporate
  NVIDIA CA Corporate
  NanoDynamics-88 NY Corporate
  NanoImaging Services CA Medical
  NanoSi Technologies, Inc. IL Industrial
  Nanohorizons, Inc. PA Corporate
  Nanosolar, Inc CA Industrial
  Nanosphere, Incorporated IL Industrial
  National Center for Physical Acoustics MS Academia
  National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) VA Public
  National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST MD Public
  National Institutes of Health (NIH) MD Public
  National Science Center GA Non-profit
  National Standards of Puerto Rico (NSPR) PR Industrial
  Navair, US Navy MD Public
  Naval Air Systems Command MD Public
  Naval Air Weapons Center CA Public
  Naval Research Lab DC Public
  Naval Surface Warfare Center DC Industrial
  Naval Surface Warfare Center VA Public
  NetResult Inc WA Corporate
  New York City Board of Education (NYCBOE) NY Academia
  New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) NY Academia
  NewTec Llc NM Corporate
  Newport Corporation MA Industrial
  Nexans PA Industrial
  Nexaweb Technologies, Inc. MA Corporate
  Nexen, Inc TX Corporate
  Nicholas A. Vero, Architects NY Industrial
  Nippon Pulse America, Inc. VA Corporate
  Norfolk Southern Corporation GA Industrial
  Northeast Panel & Truss NY Industrial
  Northern Labs WI Industrial
  Northrop Grumman CA Industrial
  Northrop Grumman CO Industrial
  Northrop Grumman FL Industrial
  Northrop Grumman IL Industrial
  Northrop Grumman MD Industrial
  Northrop Grumman MS Industrial
  Northrop Grumman NJ Industrial
  Northrop Grumman VA Industrial
  Northrop Grumman AL Corporate
  Northrop Grumman CO Industrial
  Novelty Hill Physical Therapy WA Medical
  Novotech, Inc. MA Corporate
  Nuclear Management Company (NMC) MN Corporate
  ON Semiconductor RI Industrial
  OPTRA, Inc. MA Industrial
  ORISE MD Academia
  Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) TN Public
  Oil States Industries, Inc. TX Corporate
  Old Mutual Financial Network MD Corporate
  Olsson Associates NE Industrial
  Olympic Scientific WA Industrial
  Omaha Public Power District NE Public
  On Time Systems, Inc OR Corporate
  Optaros, Inc. TX Corporate
  OptiSolar Inc. CA Corporate
  Optical Gaging Products, Inc. NY Corporate
  Oracle NH Industrial
  Oracle Corporation MN Corporate
  Ordner Construction GA Corporate
  Osram Sylvania MA Industrial
  Ostergaard Acoustical Associates NJ Corporate
  Otis Elevator CT Public
  Oxford Global Resources MA Corporate
  PLANNING Design Build, Inc. WI Corporate
  PT Consultants Inc. NJ Corporate
  Pace Analytical Services, Inc. MN Corporate
  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory WA Public
  Pacific Survey & Engineering WA Corporate
  Palladium Group MA Industrial
  Paragon Protective Systems HI Corporate
  Parasoft CA Corporate
  Parkers Welding and Manufacturing WI Industrial
  Particle Beam Physics Laboratory CA Public
  Parvus Corporation UT Industrial
  Pay Pal Inc. NE Corporate
  Peabody Energy MO Industrial
  Penn State Electro-Optics Center PA Industrial
  Pennsylvania State University, Affiliated Research Institute PA Academia
  Pennsylvania, Department of Transportation PA Public
  Pepid IL Medical
  Perfect Point EDM Corp CA Corporate
  Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) VA Medical
  Pharmsource Information Services VA Medical
  Photon Research Associates CA Industrial
  Pickett Engineering CO Corporate
  Piconics MA Industrial
  PictoSnap LLC CA Corporate
  Pilot Catastrophe Services, Inc. AL Industrial
  Pinebrook, Inc. MD Corporate
  Plexus Corporation WI Industrial
  Poggemeyer Design Group CA Industrial
  Polo Ralph Lauren NY Corporate
  Pomona College, Affiliated Research Institute CA Academia
  Power/mation MN Industrial
  Preco Laser Systems WI Industrial
  Premier Technical Services Corporation VA Corporate
  Preston Industries, Inc. IL Corporate
  Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL) NJ Academia
  Princeton Review TX Corporate
  Prismatic Magic TX Corporate
  Prizm Surveying WA Corporate
  ProVation Medical MN Corporate
  Proctor & Gamble OH Corporate
  Progress Energy NC Industrial
  Project Resources Corp MN Corporate
  Prometheus Energy Company WA Industrial
  Pronto Progress WI Industrial
  Prudential NJ Corporate
  QUASAR CA Corporate
  Qmedtrix Systems Inc. OR Corporate
  Quantel USA MT Industrial
  Quantum Corp CO Corporate
  Quantum Design IL Corporate
  Quantum Polymer Composites OH Industrial
  Quantum Research International MD Corporate
  Questa Engineering CO Industrial
  Quicksilver Software, Inc. CA Corporate
  RAND Corporation PA Corporate
  RAND Corporation VA Corporate
  RBH Aerospace, Inc. CA Corporate
  RETTEW Associates, Inc. PA Corporate
  REgrid Power CA Industrial
  RadiaBeam Technologies CA Corporate
  Radiant Imaging, Inc WA Corporate
  Randstad IL Corporate
  Raytheon AZ Industrial
  Raytheon CA Industrial
  Raytheon CO Industrial
  Raytheon TX Industrial
  Raytheon MA Corporate
  Raytheon RI Corporate
  Read & Read, Inc. SC Corporate
  Red Storm Entertainment NC Corporate
  Regal-Beloit IN Corporate
  Relex Software Corporation PA Corporate
  Research Corporation of U of Hawaii HI Corporate
  Research Electro-Optics, Inc. CO Industrial
  Rhythm and Hues Studios CA Industrial
  Robert Lloyd Sheet Metal Inc OR Corporate
  Rockwell Automation IN Industrial
  Rockwell Collins IA Corporate
  Roger D. Fields and Associates OH Industrial
  Roper Saint Francis Hospital SC Medical
  Rosen Inspections TX Industrial
  Runnymede Corp VA Corporate
  Ryan Companies US, Inc. MN Corporate
  S&C Electric Company IL Industrial
  SAIC (Science Applications International Corp.) CA Corporate
  SAIC (Science Applications International Corp.) TX Corporate
  SAIC (Science Applications International Corp.) VA Corporate
  SARGA Associates LLC NJ Corporate
  SCS Engineering Inc. CA Corporate
  SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory CA Academia
  SRA International, Inc. NJ Corporate
  Sagetech Corp. OR Industrial
  Saint Louis Board of Education MO Academia MA Corporate
  Salk Institute CA Academia
  Salvagnini America OH Industrial
  Samsung Austin Semiconductor TX Industrial
  Sandia National Labs NM Public
  Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics CA Academia
  Santee Cooper SC Corporate
  Sapphire Technology VA Industrial
  Sappi Technology Center ME Corporate
  Sargent & Lundy IL Corporate
  Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC SC Corporate
  Schlumberger ND Corporate
  Schlumberger TX Corporate
  Schlumberger AK Corporate
  Schlumberger LA Corporate
  Schlumberger CO Corporate
  Schrodinger OR Corporate
  Schutte and Koerting PA Industrial
  Schwarzkopf & Henkel CA Corporate
  Sci-Port Discovery Center LA Non-profit
  Science & Engineering Services, Inc. MD Industrial
  Science Systems & Applications, Inc. (SSAI) MD Industrial
  Science and Technology Corporation MD Corporate
  Scientific Applications and Research Associates CA Industrial
  Scripps Research Institute CA Non-profit
  Seagate Technology LLC MN Corporate
  Securian Financial Group MN Public
  Semantic Research Inc. CA Corporate
  Sempra Energy Trading CT Corporate
  Sensis Corporation NY Corporate
  Sensor Products, LLC NJ Industrial
  Sensory Sweep UT Corporate
  Sentry Insurance WI Corporate
  Sequenom, Inc. CA Corporate
  Serco VA Corporate
  SharePoint 360 CA Corporate
  Sheps Center for Health Services Research NC Medical
  Shriners Hospitals for Children PA Medical
  Siemens WA Corporate
  Siemens Medical Solutions IL Corporate
  Sierra Lobo, Inc. OH Corporate
  Signature Domains FL Corporate
  Simco Electronics UT Corporate
  Smart Teacher Smart Kid FL Academia
  Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory MA Academia
  Soladigm CA Public
  Soligie, Inc. MN Corporate
  Solitude Mountain Resort UT Corporate
  Solyndra CA Corporate
  Sonoscan, Inc. CA Industrial
  Sonoscan, Inc. IL Industrial
  Southern Nuclear Company GA Industrial
  Southside ISD TX Academia
  Southwest Research Institute CO Academia
  Space Micro, Inc. CA Industrial
  Space Telescope Science Institute MD Public
  Specialized Business Software, Inc OH Corporate
  Specialized Engineering MD Industrial
  Spectra-Physics CA Public
  Spiceworks TX Corporate
  Springdale Acoustics, Inc. AR Corporate
  St. Jude Medical Center TN Medical
  Standard Insurance OR Corporate
  Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) CA Academia
  Stantec CA Corporate
  Staples CA Corporate
  State Street MA Corporate
  Steger Bizzell TX Corporate
  Steptoe & Johnson, LLP DC Corporate
  Stereotaxis, Inc. MO Industrial
  Sterilmed NC Industrial
  Stowers Institute for Medical Research MO Medical
  Strategic Discovery CA Corporate
  Strobic Air PA Industrial
  Stryker Corp. NJ Medical
  Stryker Corporation NJ Medical
  Studio AV, Inc. MT Corporate
  Suffolk County Department of Public Works NY Public
  Sun Microsystems, Inc. CO Corporate
  Sundew Technologies CO Industrial
  Superconductor Technologies Inc. CA Corporate
  Sure Real Estate NV Corporate
  Susquehanna Valley Cancer Center PA Medical
  Swales Aerospace MD Corporate
  Swedwood Danville VA Corporate
  Swenson Say Faget WA Industrial MD Corporate
  Sylarus Technologies UT Industrial
  Sylvan CA Academia
  Sylvan Learning Center HI Academia
  Symantec Corporation MN Corporate
  Syntec Optics NY Industrial
  Syska Hennessy Group NJ Industrial
  Systems Management and Balancing of MN MN Corporate
  S² Services MT Corporate
  T-Mobile WA Public
  T.Y. Lin International OR Corporate
  TDCI, Inc. OH Corporate
  TRAX Tech Services VA Corporate
  Takeda Pharmaceuticals CA Medical
  Talisman Limited VA Corporate
  Tech Environmental, Inc. MA Industrial
  Tech-X Corporation CO Corporate
  Technifab Products, Inc. IN Corporate
  Technology Service Corporation MD Industrial
  Tekno Inc. KY Corporate
  Tekserve NY Industrial
  Telecom Engineering Inc MN Corporate
  Telenetics, Inc. VA Corporate
  Terma Software Labs CO Corporate
  Terracon AZ Corporate
  Terradon Corp. WV Industrial
  Tervela NY Industrial
  Tessella Inc MA Corporate
  Testex, Inc PA Corporate
  Texas Instruments TX Industrial
  Textron GA Corporate
  Textron Systems MA Industrial
  The Aerospace Corporation CA Industrial
  The Babcock & Wilcox Company VA Industrial
  The Goyak Group NV Corporate
  The Incredible Pear VA Corporate
  The Institute for Genomic Research MD Non-profit
  The King Center GA Non-profit
  Thorlabs, Inc. NJ Industrial
  TiVo CA Corporate
  Tigerpoly MFG INC OH Corporate
  Tol-O-Matic, Inc. MN Industrial
  ToxServices LLC DC Corporate
  Toyota Motor Manufacturing MI Industrial
  Trane Inc WI Corporate
  Trex Enterprises CA Industrial
  TriAccess Technologies CA Industrial
  Triumph Technologies VA Corporate
  Truck-Lite Co., Inc. NY Corporate
  True MRI CA Medical MI Academia AZ Academia
  Tyco Electronics PA Industrial
  Tyson Foods KS Corporate
  UBS CA Corporate
  UCR Space Science Lab CA Academia
  ULA CO Corporate
  UNC Chapel Hill Morehead Observatory NC Academia
  URS Corporation SC Corporate
  URS Corporation TN Corporate
  US Biosystems FL Corporate
  US Chemical WI Corporate
  US Geological Society (USGS) CO Academia
  US Naval Observatory DC Industrial
  US Patent and Trademark Office DC Industrial
  US Patent and Trademark Office VA Industrial
  UTC Fire and Security TX Industrial
  United Conveyor Corp IL Corporate
  United Health Group, Inc. CA Corporate
  United Space Alliance FL Industrial
  United Space Alliance TX Industrial
  United States Army Corps of Engineers AL Industrial
  United States Army Corps of Engineers LA Industrial
  United States Forest Service CA Public
  United States Government-Department of Energy IL Public
  United Technologies CT Corporate
  Universal Ensco Inc. TX Corporate
  Universal Instruments NY Corporate
  Universal Orlando Studios FL Corporate
  Universal Studios Orlando FL Corporate
  Universities Space Research Association CA Academia
  University Hospital of Cleveland OH Medical
  University of California Berkeley, Affiliated Research Institute CA Academia
  University of California Irvine, Affiliated Research Institute CA Academia
  University of California Los Angeles, Affiliated Research Institute CA Academia
  University of California Santa Barbara, Affiliated Research Institute CA Academia
  University of Washington, Affiliated Research Institute WA Academia
  VMware, Inc. MA Corporate
  Valador, Inc. NY Corporate
  Valerica Raicu WI Academia
  Valley Research TX Corporate
  Vanderbilt Museum & Planetarium NY Academia
  Vanguard Charitable Endowment MA Non-profit
  VegaPlus Capital Partners (USA) NY Public
  Venture Ad Astra OR Industrial
  Venture Lighting International OH Industrial
  Venture Lighting International OH Industrial
  VerdictMax, LLC TX Corporate
  Veritas DGC, Inc. TX Corporate
  Verizon Business OK Corporate
  Verizon Wireless MD Corporate
  Vesta Insurance Group, Inc. AL Corporate
  ViaSat, Inc CA Corporate
  ViaSat, Inc VA Corporate
  ViaSat, Inc. CA Corporate
  Vinquiry CA Corporate
  VipaHealth FL Medical
  Vittitow Refrigeration KY Corporate
  Vixar Inc MN Corporate
  Volt Information Sciences MN Corporate
  Volt Technical Services MN Corporate
  W.L. Gore & Associates AZ Corporate
  WET Design CA Corporate
  Wabtec SC Corporate
  Walt Disney Imagineering CA Corporate
  Wasatch Front Regional MLS UT Corporate
  Wasatch Photonics UT Corporate
  Watlow Controls MN Industrial
  Watson Pharmaceuticals UT Medical
  Weatherford TX Corporate
  WebFinance Inc VA Corporate
  Websciences International CA Corporate
  Wellpoint Inc. IL Corporate
  Wells Fargo Bank IA Corporate
  Wesmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research, Inc. PA Corporate
  Westinghouse Nuclear PA Corporate
  Westmoreland County Children's Bureau PA Non-profit
  Wiener, Plein and Baus OH Industrial
  Wind River CA Corporate
  Wm. F Hill & Associates, Inc. PA Corporate
  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute MA Academia
  X-Ray Optical System, Inc. (XOS) NY Corporate
  Xcel Energy MN Public
  Xemed, LLC NH Corporate
  Xilinx CO Corporate
  Xinray Systems, LLC NC Corporate
  Xoma, LLC CA Corporate
  Yodle, Inc. NY Corporate
  Yoh Company PA Corporate
  Yuasa Battery Inc. PA Corporate
  ZEMAX WA Corporate
  Zeomatrix, LLC ME Corporate
  Zoot Enterprises MT Corporate
  Zurich North America IL Corporate
  eRAMs, Inc. GA Corporate
  eSolar Inc. CA Corporate
  kDy Automation Solutions, Inc. NC Corporate
  thatgamecompany (TGC) CA Corporate