AAPT Films with James Lincoln
Here you'll find a series of 12 videos, all written and presented by veteran physics teacher James Lincoln. Five of the videos relate to wave and/or light phenomena: Tube Resonance, Physics of the Guitar, Infrared Light, Polarization, and UV Light. These videos stand out because they integrate math with the physics concepts and because they all have the stamp of approval of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT).

UCLA Physics Videos
This link takes you to the full collection of UCLA Instructional Videos, which are all about 3-5 minutes in length. Within "Light & Optics", there are 14 videos all featuring James Lincoln. Topics include mirrors, human eye, diffraction, measuring the speed of light, Snell's Law,  and more. Scroll further down to find "Waves and Sound", containing 12 videos that include Chladni plates, standing waves on a string, beats, sound in a vacuum, wave reflection, and more. NOTE: Many of these videos are not found on YouTube. This is the place where they can all be found in one collection.

Designmate: Converging Lenses
This award-winning 8 minute video explains the principles of converging lenses by blending video, animation, and still images. It's a good alternative for distance learning when students cannot access an optics bench. Animated ray diagrams show clearly how light refracts through the convex lens and bends toward the principal axis. Scientific terms are used throughout.
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Designmate: Convex and Concave Lenses
Absent an optics bench, this 5-minute video will give students a very well-animated visualization of the properties of convex & concave lenses. It explains real vs. virtual images and provides a nice animation to clarify where the focal point is located when light is refracted through a concave lens.