PASCO Distance Learning Tools
PASCO is offering 6 month free access to their Home Science Tools during the COVID19 crisis. Free resources include Capstone and SPARKvue software, Essential Physics 3rd Edition curriculum, and Essential Chemistry curriculum. SPARKvue can be installed free on mobile devices as well. Access requires verification of your teaching credentials.

Physics Classroom Concept Builders
The Physics Classroom has opened its large collection of interactive physics "Concept Builders" to allow free teacher accounts during COVID-19. Setting up a teacher account provides the ability to make assignments and track student progress  with the "Stars & Trophies" system. Concept Builders employ a pedagogy of mastery learning in which students progress at their own pace to deeply understand focused, discrete concepts in physics. As they progress, the level of sophistication increases. Diagrams, graphs, animations, and ranking tasks are embedded throughout.