Disciplinary Core Idea: High School Earth/Space Science
The Universe and Its Stars - HS-ESS1.A.1: The star called the sun is changing and will burn out over a lifespan of approximately 10 billion years. (NOTE: Partial alignment only to the first segment of the DCI: "The star called the sun is changing.")
Disciplinary Core Idea: High School Physical Science

  • High School Physical Science: Wave Properties
    1) HS-PS4.A.1:
    The wavelength and frequency of a wave are related to one another by the speed of travel of the wave, which depends on the type of wave and the medium through which it is passing.
    NOTE TO TEACHERS: It will be important to guide students in understanding that wave properties are being presented within the context of authentic data on sunspots, which can be represented as wave patterns. However, real sunspots do not "move across" the surface as astronomers once believed. Sunspots only appear to be moving in solar images because of the sun's rotation (spin).
  • High School Physical Science: Information Technologies and Instrumentation
    1) HS-PS5.A.1:
    Multiple technologies based on the understanding of waves and their interactions with matter are part of everyday experiences in the modern world (e.g., medical imaging, communications, scanners) and in scientific research. They are essential tools for producing, transmitting, and capturing signals and for storing and interpreting the information contained in them.