Disciplinary Core Ideas
Physical Science: Forces and Motion
1) HS-PS2.A.1:
Newton's second law accurately predicts changes in the motion of macroscopic objects.
NOTE: At first, this alignment may not be obvious. A coronal mass ejection is NOT electromagnetic radiation. It is an explosive acceleration of plasma that shoots outward from the surface of the sun. It happens when the sun's magnetic field realigns itself into a more stable configuration. The phenomenon ejects billions of tons of coronal material into space. We have the technology to measure the velocity of a CME with data captured by satellites designed to observe the sun. Newton's second law of motion applies to all areas of classical mechanics: on Earth, on the sun, or in space.

Earth and Space Science: The Universe and Its Stars
2) HS-ESS1.A.i:
The star called the sun is changing and will burn out over a lifespan of approximately 10 billion years. (NOTE: Partial alignment only to the first segment of the DCI" The star called the sun is changing."