Physical Science: Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation
Physical Science: Electromagnetic Radiation
1) HS-PS4.B.3:
Atoms of each element emit and absorb characteristic frequencies of light. These characteristics allow identification of the presence of an element, even in microscopic quantities.

Physical Science: Information Technologies and Instrumentation
2) HS-PS4.C.1:
Multiple technologies based on the understanding of waves and their interactions with matter are part of everyday experiences in the modern world and in scientific research. They are essential tools for producing, transmitting, and capturing signals for storing and interpreting the information contained in them.
Life Science: The Universe and Its Stars
Earth's Place in the Universe: The Universe and Its Stars
1) HS-ESS1.A.2:
The study of stars' light spectra and brightness is used to identify compositional elements of stars, their movements, and their distances from Earth.