AAPT Digi Kits are specially selected multimedia collections that bring together the work of many authors, content developers, editors, and peer reviewers. The goal of the Digi Kits is to promote interdisciplinary explorations that integrate physics with life science, chemistry, and earth science in a format that blends modeling, hands-on investigation, video, and interactive digital representations. 

The AAPT Digi Kits are curated, edited, and annotated by Caroline Hall, managing editor and eBook developer for the AAPT and the ComPADRE Digital Libraries in Physics Education.

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The Balloon Science Digi Kit was inspired by a 2013 article in The Physics Teacher magazine, authored by high school science teacher Jack Blumenthal, titled "Accurate Determination of the Volume of an Irregular Helium Balloon".

The turn-key Lesson Plan with Assessment, Teacher Guide, and Student Worksheet were authored by AAPT K12 Program Manager Rebecca Vieyra.

The simulations in this tutorial were developed by The Concord Consortium, PhET (Physics Educational Technology Project), and McGraw Hill Higher Education. The Noble Gas animation was developed by the CK12 Foundation. 

Special thanks go out to the following people and organizations:

  • Paul Anderson, Educational Consultant and physics video creator
  • The Concord Consortium
  • Glenn Elert, author of Physics Hypertextbook
  • Physics Education Technology Project (PhET)
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 
  • The American Chemical Society for their Periodic Table Live! resource
  • McGraw Hill Higher Education
  • Calctool.org for their free Ideal Gas Law Calculator tool
  • CK12 Foundation