NGSS Physical Science
Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs) addressed by this module:

  • NGSS - High School Physical Science: Wave Properties HS-PS4.A.3 Waves can add or cancel one another as they cross depending on their relative phase (i.e., position of peaks and troughs of the waves), but they emerge unaffected by each other.
  • NGSS - High School Physical Science: Information Technologies and Instrumentation HS-PS4.C.1 Multiple technologies based on the understanding of waves and their interactions with matter are part of everyday experiences in the modern world and in scientific research.

NGSS Life Science
Disciplinary Core Idea (DCIs) addressed by this module:

  • NGSS - High Life Science: Wave Properties HS-LS3.A.1 Each chromosome consists of a single very long DNA molecule, and each gene on the chromosome is a particular segment of that DNA. The instructions for forming species' characteristics are carried in DNA.