Socratic Dialog-Inducing Labs: Newton's First and Third Laws
This comprehensive set of labs was designed to "give students heads-on and hands-on experience" in applying Newton's First and Third Laws to simple mechanics experiments. Learners work in cooperative groups to do all experimentation. Special attention is focused on the "touch-body" diagram of representing interacting forces.
Socratic Dialog-Inducing (SDI) Labs are "guided construction" activities featuring hands-on experiments in introductory mechanics. They are carefully designed to promote the Socratic Method of inquiry, in which oppositional viewpoints are openly discussed to stimulate critical thinking. The contradictory view is often presented by a master teacher (or, in this case, by the author of the lab manual). The effectiveness of this method in promoting student crossover to the the Newtonian World has been demonstrated by rigorous pre-post testing.
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University of Virginia: Newton's Third Law Activities
This resource shows how to set up two experiments to investigate Newton's Third Law of Motion. For the first activity, students construct a soda bottle rocket. A more sophisticated launch system can be introduced for advanced students. In the second activity, learners build a bullet/cannon system out of two film canisters and use Alka Seltzer to make the cannon "fire". The lesson discusses the relevance of Newton's Third Law throughout. The labs can be done on a small budget, and are appropriate for a range of courses from physical science through conceptual physics.