Sine Wave
The sine wave is the most basic and simplest form for a wave.
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Speed of a Wave
The speed of a wave is the material through which it travels and the properties of the wave.
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Transverse Waves
Transverse waves are quite familiar, such as those on oscillating strings.
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Simple Wave Motion - Direct Measurement Video
Explore the motion of waves on a spring as the wave and spring properties are changes. This Direct Measurement Video allows measurements of the wave properties as amplitude, frequency, and spring tension are changed. (DMVs by Peter Bohacek and Matthew Vonk)
Simple Harmonic Motion
Simple harmonic motion, such as for a bouncing spring, is a standard means of producing waves.
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Simple Harmonic Motion and Resonance
Resonance occurs when an object is pushed at the natural frequency of its wave-like motion or oscillations.
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Longitudinal Waves
Longitudinal waves are those where the oscillating motion and the wave motion are in the same directions, such as in sound waves.
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Water Waves
Waves in water are a combination of transverse and longitudinal motion.
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Two-Dimensional Waves
Waves on surfaces can move in two dimensions, like ripples on a pond.
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