The Waves Tutorial was conceived and authored by:

K. Forinash, professor of physics
School of Natural Sciences
Indiana University Southeast
New Albany IN 47150

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Disponible en español: 

Translation assistance from:

Dr. Gabriel Spahn
Laboratorio de Espectroquímica
Santa María de Punilla Córdoba - Argentina

The simulations in this tutorial were developed using tools developed by Wolfgang Christian and his many collaborators in the Open Source Physics Project, without whom this project would not be possible.

This project was intially built using Java Applets (called Physlets) and JavaScripts created by Wolfgang Christian and the group at Davidson College.

The simulations were converted into JavaScript in 2015 with the help of Wolfgang Christian, Davidson College, using the Easy Java Simulations package created by Francisco Esquembre. This is a software authoring tool which allows you to construct Java or JavaScript simulation software with a minimal amount of programming. Interface tools such as buttons, text windows, graphic windows etc., are provided, as are visualization tools and a simple way to program the behavior of complex objects in a graphical window. This package is free for downloading and is open source.

This ComPADRE Book was organized, annotated, and supplemented by Bruce Mason, AAPT/ComPADRE director.