The Astronomy Center has provided educational resources to introductory astronomy educators since 2003. Over the past 20 years, the rapid pace of discovery has rendered some of our linked resources obsolete. Thus, the Astronomy Center will be decommissioned on March 1, 2022. Our highest quality resources will be retained on


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This collection provides information about and links to educational material in Astronomy and the Physical Sciences available on the web and in print. The editorial staff has screened these materials before inclusion in the database. Materials suggested by users for inclusion in the collection will be judged on their accuracy and appropriateness to the mission of the collection. Some resources, clearly indicated, have been Peer Reviewed for content and educational use.

All information about learning material on is the property of the AAPT. This information may be used or copied freely with proper references to and ComPADRE. Materials linked from the collection are not the property of the AAPT. Users are strongly encouraged to understand and follow all copyright restrictions on this material, and contact authors or publishers with any questions. and ComPADRE are not responsible for materials outside of their control, although inappropriate materials will be promptly removed when found. Any concerns regarding materials linked from this collection, including possible copyright infringements, should be brought to the attention of the editor.

The AAPT is not responsible for any losses or damages caused by use of this site, or by the materials linked to from the database.