The Astronomy Center has provided educational resources to introductory astronomy educators since 2003. Over the past 20 years, the rapid pace of discovery has rendered some of our linked resources obsolete. Thus, the Astronomy Center will be decommissioned on March 1, 2022. Our highest quality resources will be retained on


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The database can be used without providing any personal information.

Personal data collected on this website is meant to personalize the experience of users and to facilitate interactions within the community. Personal preferences will tailor search results to the needs of the user. Contributions to the collection will be attributed to the user making them. Some personal information will be available to other registered users, although not in a manner that will allow large-scale harvesting of contact information.

Users may agree to have the AAPT send them further information on opportunities in astronomy education. No information will be provided to third parties unless required by law.

Usage patterns of will be tracked to improve the usability and performance of the site. This information will be collected in aggregate, such that the usage of individuals can not be distinguished.