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Astronomy Education

Assessment, Curricula, Education Research


Big Bang, Cosmic Microwave Background, Dark Matter, Expansion of the Universe, Large-Scale Structure, Primordial Nucleosynthesis


Celestial Mechanics, Constellations, Eclipses, Energy and Temperature, Gravity, Kepler's Laws, Lunar Phases, Magnitude System, Night Sky, Properties of Light, Relativity, Spectra

Historical Astronomy

Archaeoastronomy, History of Astronomy, Philosophy of Science

Milky Way

Interstellar Medium, Milky Way Structure

Space Exploration

Human Exploration, Robotic Exploration, SETI

The Sun

Magnetic Activity, Solar Structure, Space Weather

  Cosmic Time and Distance

Cepheids, Cosmic Ages, Distance Scales, Hubble's Law, Parallax


Astrobiology, Detection Methods, Planet Formation, Properties


Active Galaxies, Clusters of Galaxies, Galactic Structure, Galaxy Formation


Gamma-ray Astronomy, Infrared Astronomy, Observatories, Radio Astronomy, Telescopes, Ultraviolet Astronomy, X-ray Astronomy

Solar System

Asteroids, Comets, Earth, Jupiter, Kuiper Belt Objects, Mars, Mercury, Meteors, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, The Moon, Uranus, Venus


Binary Stars, Black Holes, Brown Dwarfs, Gamma-ray Bursts, Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram, Neutron Stars and White Dwarfs, Spectral Types, Star Clusters, Star Formation, Stellar Evolution, Stellar Nucleosynthesis, Supernovae

Other Subjects

Classical Mechanics, Oscillations & Waves, Thermo & Stat Mech, Electricity & Magnetism, Optics, Modern Physics, Quantum Physics, Relativity, General Physics, Mathematical Tools, Other Sciences, Education Foundations, Education Practices