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Past News

209th American Astronomical Society Meeting - Jan 04, 2007

The 209th AAS Meeting is to be held in Seattle, WA from Jan 5-Jan 10.  This meeting is a joint meeting between the AAS and the AAPT.

Eight Planets and Three Dwarfs Planets - Aug 26, 2006

Astronomers at the 2006 General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union have redefined the definition of planet, reducing Pluto to the status of "dwarf planet".

published by International Astronomical Union

James Van Allen Dead at 91 - Aug 11, 2006

A pioneer of space exploration who discovered the Earth's radiation belts in 1958, James A. Van Allen died in Iowa City of heart failure at the age of 91.

published by The New York Times

Close Approach of Moon and Mars on August 25 - Aug 10, 2006

Mars will appear close to the Moon just above the western horizon right after sunset on August 25, 2006. However, Mars will NOT appear to be as large or as bright as the Moon!

published by Universe Today

Evidence for a Past High-Eccentricity Lunar Orbit - Aug 09, 2006

In the current issue of Science, Maria Zuber, Jack Wisdom and Ian Garrick-Bethell explain the problem of the Moon's shape.

published by The New York Times, Science Magazine

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