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Past News

Discovery of a Young Planetary Mass Binary - Aug 07, 2006

A wide 14 and 7 Jupiter-mass binary challenges our understanding of how brown dwarfs and planetary mass objects form.

published by ESO

A Video Conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson - Jul 27, 2006

America's ambitious new space initiative is being driven by economic and military goals, especially as China is close to putting a man on the moon.

published by The New York Times

Space Shuttle Discovery Lands Safely - Jul 17, 2006

Discovery and its crew are home after a 13-day, five million-mile journey in space.

published by NASA

Discovery Set to Land Today - Jul 17, 2006

Space Shuttle Discovery and the STS-121 crew are on track to land at Kennedy Space Center at 9:14 a.m. EDT, Monday, July 17.

published by NASA

A Starshade for Detecting Planets - Jul 11, 2006

In the July 6 issue of Nature, Webster Cash at the University of Colorado proposes that a disc with a diameter of 150 feet be deployed in space about 30,000 miles from a space telescope to detect exoplanets.

published by NASA

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