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Advanced Labs intends to provide a central, comprehensive information base for college/university faculty who teach upper-level undergraduate laboratories. These include, but are not limited to, labs in electronics, condensed matter, optics, atomic physics, mechanics, and the like -- and also researched-based, independent-study labs. Accepted resources will be available by browsing or searching the collection by content topic or resource type.

The final format and extent of this site will be determined by advanced labs faculty who contribute ideas and materials that can be posted here.

Current Questions involve:

  • What materials should be published on this site?
  • What editing process should be used to maintain high quality of published materials?
  • What relevant links should be included?

Advanced Labs is produced by the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). It is a part of ComPADRE, the online collection of resources in physics and astronomy education, which itself is a part of the National Science Foundation-funded National Science Digital Library (NSDL).

We encourage your involvement in Advanced Labs. Once you have registered and signed in, which requires only a username and password, you may build a personal collection, share your comments about resources already in the the collection, or suggest additional resources for us to add.

You can contact the Advanced Labs staff using our feedback form.

Advanced Labs Site Editor:
Ramon Torres-Isea
Advanced Labs Principal Investigator:
Warren Hein
Advanced Labs Site Initiator:
Harvey S. Leff
Advanced Labs Technical Lead:
Lyle Barbato
ComPADRE Principal Investigator:
Bruce Mason