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Q. Zhang; Editor: D. Hudek
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In this experiment we measure the dispersion relationship of Surface Plasmon Waves. Upon the total reflection of TH polarized incident light from the glass and air interface in a…
Surface Plasmon Resonance Laboratory  [ Conference Proceedings ]
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E. Sánchez
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E. Sánchez, AAPT Summer Meeting - Workshop 38: Advanced Labs (2010).
This lab focuses on the optical generation and modeling of Surface Plasmons, in particular the attempt of predicting and generating a resonance condition in a three layer system;…
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R. Peterson
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R. Peterson, AAPT Summer Meeting - Workshop 38: Advanced Labs (2010).
Stroboscopic holographic inteferometry has been developed at an advanced undergraduatelevel allowing real-time imaging of standing sound waves in gas filled, closed tube resonators.…