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A. Khalid and M. Anwar; Publisher: LUMS School of Science and Engineering, Pakistan
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Brownian motion is the random motion of colloidal particles suspended in water, air or any other solvent. In 1905, Einstein argued that this motion is a direct evidence for the…
Experiment on diffusion in aqueous solutions  [ Conference Proceedings ]
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S. Wonnell
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S. Wonnell, AAPT Summer Meeting (2012).
Describes an experiment to observe diffusion and laminar flow of aqueous solutions in a microfluidic circuit. Activities include acquisition of digital images with microscope,…
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Publisher: Simon Fraser University Department of Physics
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Accompanies Labscript entitled "Microscopy and Cell Motility" Designed for a fourth-year biological physics laboratory, Phys 433, at Simon Fraser University. Contact Nancy Forde…
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K. Stein, C. Fredrick, and R. Peterson
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K. Stein, C. Fredrick, and R. Peterson, 2015 Conference on Laboratory Instruction Beyond the First Year of College, 96-99 (2015).
Undergraduate studies are carried out in the advanced laboratory to examine the supersonic flow from an axisymmetric converging-diverging nozzle. Flow is initiated by the rupture of…