2018 BFY III Abstract Browse

The abstracts listed below were presented at the 2018 BFY III Conference. You may use the column headers to sort the list.

  Name Primary Contact Type
  Videos in the Intermediate Laboratories Ackerman, Nicole Poster
  Graphical Approach to Multi-slit Interference Analysis Allen, Patricia E Poster
  Development of a high-resolution time coincidence counter using a Cypress PSoC chip Ayars, Eric Poster
  New Developments of DeskCATTM: A Multi-Slice Optical Scanner for Teaching CT and SPECT Imaging Principles Battista, J.J. Poster
  Low Cost Apparatus for Measuring the Speed of Light Bearden, Ian Poster
  Examining Student Understanding of Bipolar-Junction Transistor Circuits* Bogart, Kevin L Van De Poster
  Physics experiment teaching integrated with virtual-reality technology Cen, Yan Poster
  BSY (Beyond Sophomore Year) Labs without an Advanced Lab class? Cox, Anne J Poster
  The Covariance Matrix and Jacobian in Error Propagation DeSerio, Robert Poster
  Student ownership of laboratory projects and attitudes about experimental physics Dounas-Frazer, Dimitri R. Poster
  Muon Experiments, Beyond the Turnkey Fadem, Brett Poster
  Quantifying Superconductivity Through Magnetic Force-Distance Measurements using 3D Printers Freeman, Mark Poster
  What counts in laboratories: Toward a practice-based identity survey Funkhouser, Kelsey Poster
  A new photon lab: Mimicking Eve in quantum key distribution Galvez, Enrique J. Poster
  3d printed low budget spectrographs Grove, Timothy Poster
  A large scale, problem based, advanced experimental physics lab program. Hellberg, Lars Poster
  Developing a Laboratory Practice Assessment for the Design, Analysis, Tools, and Apprenticeship (DATA) Laboratory Henderson, Rachel Poster
  Musical Acoustics Demos with an Impedance Probe Jaeger, Herbert Poster
  Initial Impacts of the transformation of a large Introductory lab course focused on developing experimental skills and expert epistemology Lewandowski, Heather J. Poster
  Apparatus for measuring the speed of an electrical signal in a coaxial cable Masters, Mark Poster
  The Impacts of ALPhA's Laboratory Immersion Program McCann, Lowell Poster
  Verifying Moseley's law with energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy or x-ray fluorescence McColgan, Michele Poster
  Targeting Student Design and Modeling Skills Using Coupled Oscillators McLean, Alastair Poster
  Polarization studies of 3D photonic crystals using transmission and reflection experiments Mian, Shabbir Poster
  Teaching Self-Reliance in the Electronics Lab: One Approach Milne, Michelle Poster
  Building a Low-Cost Earth’s Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer in the Advanced Lab Morgan, Steven W. Poster
  Creating a Nitinol Engine To Study the Thermodynamic Cycle Polak, Robert D. Poster
  Views about Experimental Physics in a Large Introductory Laboratory Course Pollard, Benjamin Poster
  Think first, act later - A course structure for improving student designed experiments Powers, Nathan Poster
  Physics Experiments for an Introductory Electronics Course Ramer, Everett Poster
  Limits of precision in the Balmer lines spectroscopy lab Roach, Timothy Poster
  Using Arduinos for Interdisciplinary Student Projects Roach, Will Poster
  Experimental Quantum Mechanics Rosenthal, Stephanie Poster
  Challenges with proposing causes for unexpected experimental results Ríos, Laura Poster
  Acting like an experimentalist: Transforming post-lab reports into in-lab notebooks Severn, Greg Poster
  Hyperfine Structure in Rubidium Smith, R. Seth Poster
  Introducing Students to Biophysics with a Centrifuge Force Microscope Stark, Tristan Poster
  Lessons learned from five years of student self-directed experimental projects in the advanced lab Terrien, Ryan Poster
  Modeling the effect of air intake aperture size on the muzzle velocity of a ping pong ball cannon Thuecks, Derek Poster
  A Senior Level Lab Demonstrating the Utility of AFM Vandervoort, Kurt Poster
  Measuring surface tension with capillary waves Wagner, Jeffrey Poster