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Abstract Title: W29: Teaching Digital Concepts with FPGAs in an Advanced Lab: Frequency Counters
Abstract: This workshop is intended for instructors who want to teach digital logic concepts, from basic gates to complete applications, in an advanced lab course using FPGAs.  Participants will learn about the choices and capabilities of the available hardware and software.

As a hands-on exercise, participants will implement a frequency counter with an input range into the 100 MHz range.  This exercise will be implemented on a $90 Digilent Inc. BASYS3 board with Xilinx's free Vivado software.

Time permitting, participants will reconfigure their FPGA into a Period Counter and interface the board by embedding a microprocessor in the FPGA so that it can communicate its results with a computer through its USB port.  Finally, we will explain how to implement a synchronizer and a coincidence counter.  This circuit can be used with particle detectors to reduce background noise and we have used it for single photon quantum interference experiments where it allows the user to adjust the coincidence windows down to 10 nanoseconds
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Kurt Wick
University of Minnesota
and Co-Presenter(s)
Kevin Booth, University of Minnesota

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