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Abstract Title: W34: Resistivity: 23 Orders of Magnitude on your desk, simplified Van Der Pauw & more
Abstract: The typical desktop environment is the enemy of precision measurements.  Temperature gradients produce thermocouple errors, clothing carries electrostatic charge and generates EMFs, and 60/120 Hz noise blasts from lighting and power cables all around.  Surface resistivity, a commonly sought after parameter for semiconductors and conductive polymers, also requires specialized probes and an expensive probing apparatus.  

In this workshop, participants will make four typically-difficult measurements of resistivity (Extremely low resistivity, extremely high resistivity, surface resistivity of a polymer, and surface resistivity of a silicon wafer) without requiring any specialized shielding or apparatus, using Keithley Instruments products and techniques outlined in the ""Low Level Measurements Handbook - 7th edition (available online).  

Also on display (and used as part of the surface resistivity measurements) will be Keithley Instruments' new line of low-cost Touch-Test-Invent Multimeters, demonstrating the advantages of students being able to visualize and analyze precision data from their experiments in real time.
Abstract Type: Workshop

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Primary Contact: Mark Zimmerman
Keithley Instruments