2018 BFY III Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: W55: Honing 'quantum intuition' with sound waves in confined geometries
Abstract: This experiment uses TeachSpin's Quantum Analogs apparatus to help students conceptualize the implications of equations in wave mechanics.  A collection of apparatus and explorations in the classical acoustics of air within confined volumes allows students to develop meaningful analogs for quantum phenomena.  By using acoustic experiments to display the solutions of a differential equation analogous to the Schrödinger Equation, students can see classical normal modes as analogs of quantum eigenstates.  Using a spherical resonator, they can generate the familiar spherical harmonics Ylm that are common to classical and quantum-mechanical problems in spherical symmetry.  And a one-dimensional array of coupled acoustic modules provides hands-on analogs from particle-in-a-box behavior to the Kronig-Penney model for band structures.
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: David Van Baak
TeachSpin, Inc.