2018 BFY III Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: W53: Pulsed-NMR Spectroscopy and 1-d Imaging
Abstract: This experiment uses TeachSpin's 'PS-2' pulsed-NMR apparatus to demonstrate the basics, and a glamorous application, of pulsed NMR.  It uses a permanent-magnet system to perform pulsed-NMR experiments on protons in liquid and soft-solid samples, making clear the requirements for both static, and oscillating, magnetic fields.  It illustrates the mapping of static-field strength to precession frequency, and then (via the addition of a deliberate spatial gradient of magnetic field) it maps proton abundance along one dimension of a sample to signal strength as a function of frequency.  This creates a (1-d) image of proton density, and illustrates the basic concepts underlying magnetic resonance imaging.
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: David Van Baak
TeachSpin, Inc.