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Abstract Title: W54: Ultra-high resolution diode-laser spectroscopy
Abstract: This experiment uses TeachSpin's 'Diode-Laser Spectroscopy' apparatus to display the interaction of a nearly-ideal and tunable light source with free-flying atoms in the gas phase.  It performs the spectroscopy of the 780-nm or D2 transition in atomic rubidium, Rb, with the spectral width of the light source much narrower than either the Doppler width, or the natural linewidth, of the atomic transition.  It shows, concretely, the connection between atomic fluorescence and atomic absorption, and displays the Doppler-broadening limit of ordinary (linear) spectroscopy.  The experiment goes on to use pump-probe spectroscopy to surpass, by two orders of magnitude, this 'Doppler limit' on resolution.
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: David Van Baak
TeachSpin, Inc.