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Abstract Title: W51: Measuring the elementary charge e via Shot Noise
Abstract: This experiment uses TeachSpin's 'Noise Fundamentals' apparatus to measure the 'shot noise' of an electric current, and it uses the shot-noise density to infer the fundamental quantum of charge, e.  This trouble-free apparatus makes it easy to generate a shot-noise-limited current, and to quantify both the average (or dc) current, and the noise (ie. the fluctuations) riding atop that current, right from the definition of noise density.  By seeing the variation of noise density with average current, participants will be able to extract a value of e, with precision of a few percent, in real time.  Skills taught and learned include: following a noise signal from birth to quantitative measurement, learning how noise density is defined and measured, and learning how shot noise is generated and measured.
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: David Van Baak
TeachSpin, Inc.