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Abstract Title: W32: Entanglion Game and Quantum Optics Demo
Abstract: Get into the Quantum mindset with IBM's Quantum Computer game Entanglion and learn about Hanbury Brown and Twiss antibunching in the quantum optics demo with ID Quantique single photon detectors and electronics.


Entanglion is a wonderful cooperative (as opposed to competitive) two-team game developed by IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center to introduce people to the terminology and concepts of quantum computing. One of my co-workers at ID Quantique called it 'dungeons and dragons for physicists'. I think that it is a wonderful educational tool and I like to share this new game with you. Learn playfully about CNOT and Hadamar gates, and get familiar with terminology like quantum error correction, etc. The game takes about one class period (45 minutes) to play. Have fun!  Link to Github and to IBM to request a copy of the real board game (not just the files to 3D-print your own components): https://entanglion.github.io/

Single Photon Instrumentation Demonstration:

The single photon instruments are arranged in an OTDR (optical time-domain reflection) setup, e.g. as used to determine the precise (centimeter) location of inhomogeneities in many kilometers-long optical fibers. A similar setup – with an eye-safe communication wavelength laser - can be used for LIDAR. The instruments in this OTDR setup are the same as the instruments one would need to construct in one's laboratory the setups to demonstrate quantum mechanical properties, and have students gain hands-on familiarity with the function of many optical components. The instruments are laboratory versions of the components used in our commercial quantum cryptography systems (based on Quantum Key distribution - QKD), in systems for single photon source characterization (using Hanbury Brown and Twiss antibunching), and as the components for our OEM (original equipment manufacturers) customers, such as in the use for Dynamic light scattering (DLS).
Abstract Type: Workshop

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Primary Contact: Rik van Gorsel
ID Quantique

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