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Abstract Title: W15: Single-Photon Experiments and the Quantum Eraser
Abstract: Experiments with entangled photons have become feasible for upper-level undergraduate laboratories. The apparatus also constitutes a curriculum in quantum optics, because a number of different experiments can be done with the same apparatus. These experiments have been used at all levels of the undergraduate curriculum by various institutions. We use them at the intro level (one lab), and at the upper level (5-6 labs) as a lab associated with a course on Quantum Mechanics. In these laboratories the students do all the alignments and take all the data. We also have used distinct projects as semester-long capstone research experiences. The experiments are compelling because they are conceptually simple and are understood with the physics of a single quantum; a direct application of quantum linear algebra. The experiments are beautiful demonstrations of fundamental quantum phenomena: quantum interference, the existence of photons, entanglement and Bell inequalities. They also address particularly challenging concepts, such as quantum erasure, delayed choice, nonlocality and realism. More importantly, they are vivid demonstration of the application of the algebra of quantum mechanics in the laboratory. These experiments make students confront the fundamental aspects of quantum physics that are at the core of emerging quantum information technologies.

The experiments use a specific optical layout where photons from a diode laser are converted into pairs that are entangled. The alignment is detailed, and the purpose of the workshop is to give a glimpse of what it entails. One virtue of these experiments is that once they are set up, they work. There are yearly Alpha immersions available to get hands-on experience on learning the details of how to implement them. In this workshop I will show the basics of the experiments and give further information on equipment prices, methods and descriptions of the experiments.  We will have some hands-on components so that faculty can try making alignments by themselves, and get a sense of what the experiments entail. We will also have a demonstration of the quantum eraser experiment. For more information see http://departments.colgate.edu/physics/pql.htm.
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Enrique J. Galvez
Colgate University
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY 13346
Phone: 3152287205

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