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Abstract Title: W07: Acoustic Trapping
Abstract: Acoustic trapping is used in biophysics to trap groups of cells for tissue engineering or for detection of diseases. We have developed a simple lab that allows students to acoustically trap groups of plastic particles. In the lab, students first build a sample chamber and calculate the acoustic wave necessary to produce trapping in the chamber. Then, they use a low magnification microscope (10x) to view the sample, and a piezo transducer to produce the calculated acoustic wave. Students can then change the design of the sample chamber and update their model to produce traps that are more sophisticated. The lab is useful in physics courses on waves, biophysics, or modern physics and teaches students skills in designing and modeling experiments. Participants in the workshop will get a chance to build a sample chamber, create a model of the acoustic trap in the chamber, and test.
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Ashley R. Carter
Amherst College