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Abstract Title: Graphical Approach to Multi-slit Interference Analysis
Abstract: When Young's double-slit, or any multi-slit grating, experiment is conducted in undergraduate lab courses, wavelength or slit spacing are commonly calculated using the interference equation.  For gratings with 500 lines/mm, or larger, only one or two orders of interference fringes may be observed, thereby generating inaccurate and imprecise results.  By graphing average distance, x, from the 0th order to 1st order fringe as a function of distance from grating to screen, L, a linear relationship can be obtained, with the slope indirectly related to wavelength/slit spacing.  With a little algebra, accurate (within 1%) and precise results can be obtained.  The experimental set-up used at Appalachian State University will be presented, along with sample student results, including error propagation calculations utilized during a sophomore/junior lab "intermediate" lab course (precursor to capstone lab experience).
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Primary Contact: Patricia E Allen
Appalachian State University
Physics and Astronomy Department
Boone, NC 28608-2106
Phone: 8282622989
and Co-Presenter(s)
Scott Thomas
Appalachian State University

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