2015 BFY II Abstract Browse

The abstracts listed below were presented at the 2015 BFY II Conference. You may use the column headers to sort the list.

  Name Primary Contact Type
  W53 - Measurement and Experimentation with MATLAB Atkins, Todd Workshop
  W01 - Real-time 2D heat flow data as an introduction to what Arduinos can do in your lab Ayars, Eric Workshop
  W45 - Laser Cooling and Trapping for Advanced Teaching Laboratories Baringer, Thaddeus Workshop
  W02 - Nanoparticle Scattering of Polarized Light Behringer, Ernie Workshop
  W48 - X-ray Physics – Three discrete experiments with the X-ray machine Bietsch, Dr. Werner Workshop
  W49 - Diode pumped Nd:YAG Laser with Frequency Doubling Bietsch, Dr. Werner Workshop
  W03 - Using split-ring resonators to measure the electromagnetic properties of materials: An experiment for senior physics undergraduates Bobowski, Jake Workshop
  W46 - Optics and Photonics Lab Equipment Briggs, Stephan Workshop
  W04 - An Introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy Burnham, Nancy Workshop
  W54 - SQUID measurements of the AC Josephson Effect, Microwave-Induced (Shapiro) Steps at 77K, and h/e Cantor, Robin Workshop
  W05 - Make your own DNA or microtubule AFM samples Carter, Ashley Workshop
  W06 - Multidirectional Invisibility with Rays of Light - a “Rochester Cloak” Choi, Joseph Workshop
  W08 - Chaotic pendulum: the complete attractor DeSerio, Bob Workshop
  W51 - VersaLab: a measurement cryostat and teaching curriculum for advanced labs Dilley, Neil Workshop
  W09 - Paschen’s Law Experiment Dominguez, Arturo Workshop
  W10 - Parametric Down Conversion Demo for Public and Undergraduate Use Edwards, Emily Workshop
  W11 - Electrostatic Dust Trap Edwards, Emily Workshop
  W12 - Quantized Conductance: A Contemporary Physics Experiment on the Wave-Particle Duality of Electrons Eid, Khalid Workshop
  W13 - Low-Cost Capacitance Profiling of a Semiconductor Essick, John Workshop
  W14 - Shoebox Spectrographs (Low-Cost Light and Spectroscopy Experiments) Grove, Timothy Workshop
  W50 - How to Make Thermodynamics Relevant Hanks, Ann Workshop
  W44 - Micro-ESR as a Laboratory Teaching Tool Hofstetter, Christine Workshop
  W15 - An erbium-doped femtosecond fiber laser for the undergraduate laboratory Hoyt, Chad Workshop
  W16 - Developing Scientific Writing Skills through Participation in JAUPLI Kozminski, Joe Workshop
  W26 - Stellar Photometry and Spectroscopy in the physics lab room Langan, Shawn Workshop
  W17 - Medical Imaging: Teaching about the Gamma Camera and Ultrasound Imaging Lowe, Mary Workshop
  W18 - Using PSoCs in the Advanced Laboratory Masters, Mark Workshop
  W19 - Using an LED as a Low-Efficiency Single Photon Avalanche Diode McCann, Lowell Workshop
  W20 - Rethinking Lab Writing Assignments Moskovitz, Cary Workshop
  W52 - van der Pauw resistivity measurements on wafers, characterizing low resistance materials, and semiconductor characterization Niemann, James Workshop
  W21 - Brownian Motion: Measuring Avogadro’s Constant for $70 Parks, Beth Workshop
  W22 - Compton Scattering of Cs-137 Gamma Rays Parks, Jim Workshop
  W23 - Python Instrument Control System: Pythics Ramer, Everett Workshop
  W25 - Fundamentals of low-noise electrical measurements: Ground loops, interference, shielding, etc. Smith, Walter Workshop
  W27 - Engaging in the Advanced Lab with Interactive Videos Stein, Keith Workshop
  W55 - Basic Gamma Spectroscopy with a NaI(Tl) Detector Stevens, Roger Workshop
  W28 - On-demand modular learning of practical knowledge Tagg, Randy Workshop
  W29 - Introduction to FPGAs Vonk, Matt Workshop
  W47 - Electrometer measurements of material properties Wadsworth, Alan Workshop
  W30 - FPGA in the Advanced Lab Wick, Kurt Workshop
  W32 - Torsional Oscillator, Noise, and a Spectrum Analyzer – What can Fourier Analysis reveal when you drive the system with noise? Wolff-Reichert, Barbara Workshop
  W33 - Fourier Methods Wolff-Reichert, Barbara Workshop
  W34 - Noise Fundamentals, JN– Using Johnson-noise to measure the Boltzmann Constant Wolff-Reichert, Barbara Workshop
  W35 - Noise Fundamentals, SN – Using Shot Noise to find “e” the Charge on the Electron Wolff-Reichert, Barbara Workshop
  W36 - Pulsed/CW NMR – Using Spin Echoes to find Spin-Spin Relaxation Times Wolff-Reichert, Barbara Workshop
  W37 - Pulsed/CW NMR – One-Dimensional Imaging, a glimpse of MRI physics Wolff-Reichert, Barbara Workshop
  W38 - Diode-Laser Spectroscopy Wolff-Reichert, Barbara Workshop
  W39 - Quantum Analogs Wolff-Reichert, Barbara Workshop
  W40 - Optical Pumping Wolff-Reichert, Barbara Workshop
  W41 - Magnetic Torque Wolff-Reichert, Barbara Workshop
  W42 - Foundational Magnetic Susceptibility Wolff-Reichert, Barbara Workshop
  W43 - Direct and Lock-In Measurements of Faraday Rotation Wolff-Reichert, Barbara Workshop
  W31 - Diffusion in Microfluidic Structures Wonnell, Steve Workshop