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Abstract Title: An open-ended advanced lab on transverse normal modes of vertically hanging chains
Abstract: The system of a discrete chain suspended from one end in a uniform gravitational field is rich from the standpoint of exploring a system beyond the usual "standing waves on a horizontal stretched string" case. We report on recent experience with an open-ended advanced lab probing the transverse normal modes of such hanging chains. Students were charged with investigating the behavior of a driven hanging vertical chain and given a variety of equipment (chains of different densities and lengths, a driver, clamps and stands). With this equipment (or any other they could specify), they were to set up the system, characterize it, and investigate any standing wave patterns they could generate. To the extent possible, we avoided giving step-by-step instructions. Students were also guided in numerically modeling the system. Using Octave, modeling the system is accomplished in approximately 20 lines of code. Results and experience implementing the lab will be reported on.
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Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Paul Voytas
Wittenberg University
and Co-Presenter(s)
Daniel Fleisch, Wittenberg University

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