2015 BFY II Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Demonstrating Interference with Single Photons
Abstract: During the past two years, a Quantum Optics Laboratory
was constructed and tested at Francis Marion University. A
spontaneous parametric downconversion source was used to create pairs
of correlated photons for use in single photon tests of quantum mechanics.
In this experiment, single photon interference was demonstrated by
using a spontaneous parametric downconversion source. The two beams
emanating from the downconversion crystal are referred to as the signal
and idler beams. Detector A was placed in front the idler beam. The
signal beam was sent to a polarization interferometer that was followed
by a 50/50 beam splitter. The reflected and transmitted beams were
incident on Detectors B and B'. By observing the presence or absence of
coincidences, it was possible to demonstrate both particle and wave behaviors
for light. In particular, if individual photons are passed through
a polarization interferometer, it was shown that they will interfere with
themselves. The details of the experimental setup and the results will
be presented.
Abstract Type: Poster

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: R. Seth Smith
Francis Marion University
4822 E. Palmetto St.
Florence, SC 29505
Phone: 843-661-1453
Fax: 854-661-4616
and Co-Presenter(s)
Scott Baldwin, Preston Alexander, Blane McCracken (all from FMU)