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Abstract Title: W51 - VersaLab: a measurement cryostat and teaching curriculum for advanced labs
Abstract: The VersaLab Physical Properties Measurement System from Quantum Design provides a controlled temperature/field platform (50 K - 400 K / 3 tesla) which can host a variety of integrated measurements. These include DC and AC magnetometry, heat capacity, thermal transport and electronic transport, in addition to custom experiment possibilities. We have developed six experiment modules to enable instructors and students to quickly get underway with exciting modern physics experiments such as resistivity in YBCO and specific heat of the metal insulator phase transition in vanadium oxide. Several of these experiments will be on-hand to demonstrate live to workshop attendees on an operational VersaLab system.
These modules build proficiency in synthesizing/mounting samples, using the VersaLab, and in scrutinizing the data produced. An important element of this curriculum is teaching about the inner workings of the VersaLab cryostat and measurements so that students understand instrument limitations. Being a well-established, state-of-the-art research platform, the VersaLab provides opportunities for students and teaching faculty to publish in leading research journals. Quantum Design has also launched a website dedicated to laboratory instruction where new experiments can be contributed, and where the physics instruction community can further collaborate on these experiments.
Please visit our education site at : education.qdusa.com
More information can be found at: www.qdusa.com/sitedocs/productBrochures/1300-003.pdf
Abstract Type: Workshop

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Primary Contact: Neil Dilley
Quantum Design, Inc.

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