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Abstract Title: W42 - Foundational Magnetic Susceptibility
Abstract: Magnetic susceptibility is a property of condensed matter that is easily measured non-invasively and non-destructively.  The motivation for measuring magnetic susceptibility is that it gives direct evidence of the spin structure of the ground state of atoms, ions, and molecules.  This workshop introduces TeachSpin's new apparatus for measuring magnetic susceptibility absolutely, using the Gouy method, at room temperature.  It also introduces both how this apparatus can be calibrated from first principles, and how the three forms of susceptibility (volume, mass, and molar) are defined and related.

Participants will:
• See the phenomenon of susceptibility, including diamagnetic susceptibility
• Learn the physics of the Gouy method, relating observables to susceptibility
• Do the calibration of the magnetic field, by Lorentz-force methods
• Learn the theory of Curie paramagnetic susceptibility, and what it reveals
• Free themselves from ill-defined cgs nomenclature, and see magnetic measurements in SI
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Barbara Wolff-Reichert
and Co-Presenter(s)
Jonathan Reichert, George Herold, David Van Baak, TeachSpin

Workshop Documents

Workshop Doc 1: Download the Workshop Doc 1
Workshop Doc 2: Download the Workshop Doc 2