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Abstract Title: W40 - Optical Pumping
Abstract: Optical Pumping is a classic advanced lab experiment that cleverly  illustrates quantum mechanical angular momentum and selection rules.  It uses circularly polarized light to create a ground state population distribution that is not in thermal equilibrium.  Radio frequency (RF) stimulation can then drive the Zeeman sub levels back to equilibrium, and this is detected by a change in the optical transmission.  This provides an amazing leverage in which one RF "photon" (f = 10 kHz to 5 MHz)  can control the transmission of one light photon (f = 3.8 x 10 14 Hz)  

Participants will:
• Identify the components and align the full optical path from source to detector.
• Use the Helmholtz coils to create a zero field situation, and observe the exquisite magnetic field sensitivity.
• Observe the Zeeman resonances and follow them up in field.
• Come back Friday to look at Rabi oscillations and multiple photon transitions.
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Barbara Wolff-Reichert
and Co-Presenter(s)
Jonathan Reichert, George Herold, David Van Baak, TeachSpin

Workshop Documents

Workshop Doc 1: Download the Workshop Doc 1
Workshop Doc 2: Download the Workshop Doc 2