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Abstract Title: W37 - Pulsed/CW NMR – One-Dimensional Imaging, a glimpse of MRI physics
Abstract: The technique of nuclear magnetic resonance has revolutionized physics, chemistry, and even medicine since its discovery over 60 years ago.  Now students can learn all the features of NMR in an instrument optimized for teaching and begin an exploration of one-dimensional imaging.  Using TeachSpin's PS2 and a variety of layered samples, participants will investigate the way this powerful technique uses a magnetic field gradient and Fourier analysis to map spatial locations of the individual materials.

Participants will:
• Review how pulsed NMR of protons is conducted and observe an on-resonance 90-degree pulse
• Optimize field homogeneity using a 90-degree pulse
• Note the 0 beat signal coming from the mixer and observe its FFT
• Move the pulse signal off resonance and observe the effect on both the mixer signal and the FFT
• Create and vary the y gradient and observe its effect on both the beat signal and its FFT
• Use layered samples with varied spacing to see how frequency space relates to linear position
• Use multilayer samples and vary NMR parameters to explore differences between layered materials
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Barbara Wolff-Reichert
and Co-Presenter(s)
Jonathan Reichert, George Herold, David Van Baak, TeachSpin

Workshop Documents

Workshop Doc 1: Download the Workshop Doc 1
Workshop Doc 2: Download the Workshop Doc 2