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Abstract Title: W28 - On-demand modular learning of practical knowledge
Abstract: Students doing class projects, research, technical innovation, and thesis work often must incorporate a wide variety of practical techniques into their work that span topics that are not covered in ordinary lab courses. This workshop will demonstrate methods of preparing instructional materials for students to achieve "technical competencies" that can be learned on-demand. A technical competency is a skill set and knowledge framework for employing a particular type of technology. The scope of the competency is achievable in a time-frame of about 10 hours of focused study and lab work pursuing a small set of engagements. Workshop attendees will work through some sample engagements, listed here in relation to the supporting technology (in parentheses):

(1) (Energy Systems) Battery characterization and comparison under load using an Arduino data logger
(2) (Electrical Measurements) Conductivity measurement of electrolytes
(3) (Sensors) Comparing thermocouple and thermistor sensors
(4) (Actuators) Pulse-width modulation control of DC motor speed
(5) (Fluids) Building a basic pumped flow system
(6) (Sound) Building a small power amplifier for driving speakers
(Other engagements may also be available.)

The engagements are structured as kits that can be replicated and pulled off the shelf to support student learning when needed on demand. Attendees will learn how to navigate and use a supporting website designed to help students acquire a repertoire of technical competencies across 52 different technologies. The website is schedule for open release at the time of the conference: https://sites.google.com/site/inventorsyeara/home
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Randy Tagg
UC Denver