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Abstract Title: W27 - Engaging in the Advanced Lab with Interactive Videos
Abstract: Web-based interactive videos are being developed through an NSF supported initiative that seeks to further ALPhA's goal of national dissemination of quality undergraduate experiments. These videos are designed to enhance student learning, enable free web-based student participation, and to inspire effective participation in cutting-edge research areas of the advanced lab. We concentrate on three primary advanced lab areas at Bethel University: Atomic Molecular and Optical (AMO) physics; compressible flows and shock waves; and plasmonics and nanotechnology. Video activities are designed to provide an interactive lab-like environment that focuses on the essence of the lab topic, but is stripped of many of the complexities of the true lab experience. We anticipate that they will enrich learning and student enthusiasm in the advanced lab topics, provide a solid introductory framework to the physics, and lead to more meaningful experiences inside the laboratory.

The video activities will introduce the user to advanced lab topic areas and allow them to carry out video measurements and analyses of experiments based on selected test parameters. For example, one activity introduces the user to experiments in a lithium magneto-optical trap and guides them through a video-based temperature measurement. The user measures the frame-by-frame expansion of the cloud after the trap is shut off. Another activity provides an introduction to surface plasmons and guides the user through video-based measurements on plasmon wavelength, frequency, and experimental techniques. Another activity acquaints the user with the ping pong vacuum cannon and allows the user to take measurement on ping ball dynamics for various test conditions through frame-by-frame analysis of high speed video.

This workshop will consist of three parts. First, the participant will be given a brief introduction on the motivation and objectives for NSF TUES project #1245573, "Inspiring undergraduate engagement in advanced laboratories through web-based interactive video." Second, a demonstration will be provided on video activities being developed in the three primary advanced lab areas at Bethel University. Third, there will be time to interact with and explore the various features of the video activities using a mobile device or laptop computer at the workshop station. Participants will be invited to complete a feedback survey at the end of the workshop which will be used in a formal project assessment.
Abstract Type: Workshop

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Keith Stein
Bethel University
and Co-Presenter(s)
Peter Heppner, Bethel University